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Covid-19: GPs are told to be ready to deliver vaccine from next month

BMJ 2020; 371 doi: (Published 04 November 2020) Cite this as: BMJ 2020;371:m4291

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Re: Covid-19: GPs are told to be ready to deliver vaccine from next month

Dear Editor

The Vaccine Damage Payment Act 1979 makes provision for claims of serious injury following vaccination from over 18s in certain circumstances which would appear to be applicable to the current situation in the UK and the administration of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Jane Ellison MP 4th December 2014…………..

“The Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme established under the Vaccine Damage Payments Act (VDPA) 1979 essentially covers diseases that are protected against through the routine childhood vaccination programme. However the scheme also covers people over the age of 18 years for the following diseases: poliomyelitis; rubella; meningococcal group C (meningitis C); human papillomavirus (HPV); pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009 (swine flu) [up to 31 August 2010]; or during an outbreak of a specified disease against which the person was vaccinated in the United Kingdom or Isle of Man.” (1)

From the Gov.UK website…………..

“You must normally have been vaccinated before your 18th birthday, unless the vaccination was during an outbreak of disease in the UK…………”

From the Vaccine Damage Payment Act 1979……….

2 Conditions of entitlement (1) Subject to the provisions of this section, the conditions of entitlement referred to in section 1(1)(b) above are— (a) that the vaccination in question was carried out— (i) in the United Kingdom or the Isle of Man, and (ii) on or after 5th July 1948, and (iii) in the case of vaccination against smallpox, before 1st August 1971; (b) except in the case of vaccination against poliomyelitis or rubella, that the vaccination was carried out either at a time when the person to whom it was given was under the age of eighteen or at the time of an outbreak within the United Kingdom or the Isle of Man of the disease against which the vaccination was given;


Competing interests: Mother of vaccine damaged daughter

13 November 2020
Wendy E Stephen
Retired nurse
Stonehaven, Scotland