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Covid-19: Mass population testing is rolled out in Liverpool

BMJ 2020; 371 doi: (Published 03 November 2020) Cite this as: BMJ 2020;371:m4268

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Is the Liverpool Sars-Cov-2 screening project a true pilot study or the start of mass screening?

Dear Editor,

Last week the BMJ reported the start of a mass screening project in Liverpool [1]. The article suggested this was a pilot study, aimed at studying the feasibility of the government’s ambitious plans for mass population screening throughout England. I welcome Dr Angela Raffle’s timely comments [2], questioning the rationale behind this and the lack of scrutiny by the UK National Screening Committee. It is particularly worrying to see that despite all the effort involved on obtaining swabs to compare PCR against the new rapid Lateral flow and LAMP tests, there is no mention of testing against the gold standard of viral culture. Yet it appears that on the basis of the tests, asymptomatic children and adults will be sent home from school or work to self-isolate, along with, presumably, all their close contacts.

Parent group #UsforThem had already received copies of letters coming out from secondary schools in Liverpool on the evening of Friday 6th November, informing parents of the study starting in their child’s school starting on Monday 9th. There was no proper information about the purpose of the study or the method of obtaining informed parental consent. One school wrongly stated the there wasn’t time for this and invited parents to opt out in writing. This same school stated in the parent letter, ‘It is important for the health of your child, those of other parents and carers … and the wider Liverpool community that we co-operate 100% with this system of health protection.’ Another school has written to parents congratulating them on their ‘heart-warming responses’ and then listing the number of refusals in each year group and stating ‘I feel really proud of the rallying round of the community here’. In another school letter, parents were asked to ‘please bear with us - we are currently less than 24 hours on from receiving notification of and agreeing to this.’ This same letter referred to ‘nonsensical comments on social media about mass testing’. The school states, ‘We are currently working on reshaping and re-affirming our school values. One of the words I expect to emerge is ‘trust’… I would urge you to trust the school that this is the right thing to do.’

I quote these examples to illustrate a totally inappropriate pressure being brought on parents to give consent. As a group, #UsforThem has written to the director of public health in Liverpool and the director of PHE [3] asking to see the study protocols, ethical approval and parent information leaflets but have as yet received no satisfactory replies. Our request has now been escalated by the MHRA devices section to NHS Track and Trace.

As a demographic, children have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic management. There is now good evidence of their extremely low likelihood of serious disease [4] and the small part they play in viral transmission [5]. Whilst we would all welcome rigorous research for the new rapid tests and population studies, these must surely be conducted with appropriate ethics committee approval and a sound methodology. Above all, parents must not be placed under psychological pressure to participate, a clear contravention of agreed ethical standards in the Declaration of Helsinki 1964/2013 [6].

Finally, may I join Dr Raffle and many others in asking urgently for assurance from the government that the results from Liverpool will be properly analysed and published with full costings, before being rolled out elsewhere.

Dr Rosamond AK Jones, MD, FRCPCH

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11 November 2020
Rosamond A K Jones
Retired consultant paediatrician
Slough, UK