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Covid-19: Shooting for the moon

BMJ 2020; 370 doi: (Published 10 September 2020) Cite this as: BMJ 2020;370:m3509

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Re: Covid-19: Shooting for the moon

Dear Editor,

The data and statistics on Covid have frequently been doubted because as repeatedly pointed out 'you have not tested enough '. Testing by now has evoked a number of controversies, including timing, modality, selective or mass basis, 'who will pay', consent, and the setting (domestic or clinic). One of the important effects of Covid has been the change in the contours of the 'social contract' I.e. that is relation between individual and the State.

Going by the ruin and mayhem in most areas of human endeavour that Covid has caused, acceptance by citizens to measures of distancing, masks and isolation tend to be increasingly adhered to and complied with. Another aspect is the tremendous adaptation that humans are capable of - in Information Technology - new platforms, processes, applications taking us to 'Cloud Nine '. Thus, learning from recent experience, adopting mass testing need not be termed 'bravado ' if quality checks are maintained and data generated is expected to provide effective interventions.

Dr Murar E Yeolekar, Mumbai.

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15 September 2020
Murar E Yeolekar
Consultant Physician
Fmr Prof and Head of Internal Medicine, KJSMC &H,
Sion, Mumbai-400022.