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BMJ 2020; 370 doi: (Published 03 August 2020) Cite this as: BMJ 2020;370:m3074

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Re: Sixty seconds on . . . waves

Dear Editor,
Having researched both SARS 1 & MERS and ARDS it strikes me that the "experts" are entirely missing the point that killing lower lung respiratory infections all revolve around the breakdown in alveolar dysfunction leading to cytokine storms with the almost total loss of effective oxygenation and death.

Hydrogen peroxide is the bedrock of the entire immune system and can be emitted by the mitochondria of all body cells to fight infections from virus, bacteria, fungus and many toxins.

Using "fogging" with FOOD grade H2O2 at 1-2% kills all covid particles in 60 seconds. Fine mist spray on handles, shopping, all surfaces etc does likewise.
Importantly using double surgical masks with a middle layer of microfibre dampened with H2O2 will kill inhaled covid aerolised particles unlike even the top spec masks that do not use H2O2.

Lastly - using an ultrasonic mesh nebulizer with 2% H2O2 last thing before bed for 10 minutes will kill any viral particles in the entire respiratory system as well as destroying any infected cells via T cells and other neutrophils that are signalled by the H2O2 secondary signals to the immune system to rapifidly boost output of such cells.

I, as a very high risk potential target for covid through age and comorbitities like diabetes etc have employed all the above. Have been in close contact with several persons hospitalised with covid but have allways tested negative myself

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15 August 2020
Robin Bristow
Retired research engineer
20 Fernleaze