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Glaucoma report: patients’ sight is put at risk by treatment delays

BMJ 2020; 368 doi: (Published 10 January 2020) Cite this as: BMJ 2020;368:m103

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Re: Glaucoma report: patients’ sight is put at risk by treatment delays

Dear Editor

As someone diagnosed with Glaucoma in 1986 (in truth just Ocular Hypertension) I have some experience of the current problem, which has managed in the past two years render me 'partially sighted'; unable to drive; to read a book and to be a danger to myself unaccompanied in darkness, all as a result of delays to treatment, broken equipment and administrative incompetence. I seem to 'fall off the end' of lists and have to start over again and it is not just because of too few staff or resources. There are other problems that render the service inadequate.

Among many there is the pressure of over testing when the only treatment tool available is lowering IOP; even if it normal or even low; monthly testing of macular degeneration patients of whom there are many legions.

Finally, there is the 'elephant in the room': the constant lack of senior staff and Consultants, due to them undertaking lucrative private clinics and elective surgery for patients with the means to jump queues and prejudice the very future of the NHS by so doing. I did so at one time, but regret it greatly now, and I can assure anyone contemplating doing the same, that it made no difference, I still became near blind.
I took an age to type this so I hope it is printed, but suspect it will not be.

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10 January 2020
Ernest Berry
Security Systems Engineer and Consultant. Human Biologist and Biochemist (failed).Patient Reviewer.
East Midlands