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HRT and breast cancer risk

BMJ 2019; 367 doi: (Published 11 October 2019) Cite this as: BMJ 2019;367:l5928

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HRT and breast cancer risk - progesterone vs. progestins

Evidence suggests that there are important differences in breast cancer risks with different progestogens used in combined [oestrogen + progestogen] hormone replacement therapy (HRT) regimens; micronised natural/bio-identical progesterone appears to be a far safer choice than synthetic progestins.

A large French study which assessed and compared the association between different HRTs and breast cancer risk, followed up 80,377 women for an average of 8.1 post-menopausal years, and found that compared with HRT never-use, there was no increased risk of breast cancer for oestrogen-progesterone (relative risk 1.00), whereas those using oestrogen plus progestins had a relative risk of 1.16-1.69 (depending on the progestin used). (1)

Another French study also found that breast cancer risk differed by type of progestogen among current users of oestrogen-progestogen therapies. No increased risk was apparent among users of oestrogen + micronised natural progesterone for any duration (odds ratio 0.80), whereas among users of combined HRT containing a synthetic progestin, the odds ratio was 1.57-3.35 (depending on the progestin used). (2)

A meta-analysis of studies of postmenopausal women using progesterone vs. synthetic progestins in combination with oestrogen found that progesterone-oestrogen was associated with a lower risk of breast cancer compared with synthetic progestins (relative risk 0.67). (3)

Although not mentioned in the main body of the paper, the Lancet meta-analysis found that the relative risk for <5 years use of oestrogen + micronised natural progesterone was 0.91, i.e. 9% lower than for never-users of HRT. (4) [See appendix]

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14 October 2019
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