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Deaths among homeless people rise by more than 20% in a year

BMJ 2019; 367 doi: (Published 08 October 2019) Cite this as: BMJ 2019;367:l5923

Re: Deaths among homeless people rise by more than 20% in a year

And since the number of people sleeping rough - at least in Peterborough is increasing year after year, it seems likely that the number of deaths will again increase this year.
It may be that Peterborough is exceptionally heavily afflicted by homelessness. Certainly a shopkeeper near the market told me a couple of years ago, that a certain rich city not a million miles away had a policy - buy a bus ticket for homeless persons and put them on the bus to Peterborough,
Can someone please compare the numbers of rough sleepers in Peterborough, Kings Lynn, Cambridge, Bedford , Oxford and Leicester? And analyse the figures with reference their normal place of residence? The Directors of Public Health should be able to analyse their causes of death on yearly basis.
All this will take time. But I hazard a guess.. The UK may be rich. But sterling is not equally distributed. And the poor ought to be housed and fed. By the local government, the Central Govt, and the charities. We used go have Salvation Army hostels. Are they still about?,
With BREXIT, we are promised a new era of British prosperity.
Do the plans of the Chancellor and our magician Prime Minister, have a para or two devoted to CURING homelessness?


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08 October 2019
JK Anand
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