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Child vaccination rates in England fall across the board, figures show

BMJ 2019; 366 doi: (Published 26 September 2019) Cite this as: BMJ 2019;366:l5773

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Vaccination Uptake, Informed Consent and the Montgomery Ruling


In the rush to streamline vaccination delivery [1] it is essential that health authorities do not neglect their legal obligation for fully informed consent for all medical procedures as affirmed as recently as 2015 in the Montgomery ruling [2,3]. For instance, I read to today about a new digital system for obtaining parental consent for vaccinating schoolchildren by Dorset Healthcare [4] but it is not clear whether parents will be provided with patient information leaflets or have the undoubted risks of various products listed within them drawn to their attention. Simply assuring them that vaccines are safe, or that the benefits greatly outweigh the risks, may fall short of legal requirements. While the Prime Minister recently dismissed vaccine safety concerns as "mumbo-jumbo" he may have been leaning towards the cavalier [5]. The constant attack in the media and by government on people with legitimate safety concerns is deplorable, and may lead to harms being overlooked.

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02 October 2019
John Stone
UK Editor
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