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Brexit is a crisis for the EU, not the UK

Dr May Van Schalwyk and colleagues in their long article detailed what they claimed were the health harms of a no-deal Brexit, including a shortage of food and medicine (BMJJ 2019; 366: 15300). Dr Chaand Nagpaul, BMA Council Chair, said it would be 'catastrophic' and referred to 'crashing out' (BMJ 2019; 366: 15343). In her editorial, Dr Fiona Godlee said a no-deal Brexit would be a 'hurricane' (BMJ 2019; 366:15382).

The European Union (EU) claims the opposite scenario. The Daily Telegraph reported on September 3rd that "Brussels will consider using an emergency fund reserved for natural disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, to help EU countries hit by a no-deal Brexit." So, the EU will be desperate to sell more goods, including food and medicines, rather than less to the UK.

Dr Tony Hall

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09 September 2019
Tony P Hall
Retired consultant physician
Harpenden, Hertfordshire