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Re: Assessing the health effects of a “no deal” Brexit

I have viewed the Brexit saga with dismay at the behaviour of all factions. It is of course not possible to argue the merit per se of the discontinuity of no deal Brexit over the status quo, only perhaps that we should not have got to this position which hinges on the failure to prepare sufficiently, undermining our negotiating position with the EU in the first place, and the leaving us short of time when our elected representatives failed to determine any sensible way ahead. That said it should be pointed out that Parliament first voted to have a referendum, then to invoke Article 50, and now members do not like the consequences for which they are collectively responsible (or at least those who were in the 2015 Parliament), while the public are left in the grip of chaotic events [1,2].

[1] Vernon Bogdanor, 'Parliament had failed on Brexit long before this prorogation', Guardian 29 October,

[2] Vernon Bogdanor, 'MPs haven’t been doing their jobs – this isn’t a constitutional crisis, but a parliamentary one' 11 September 2019,

Competing interests: No competing interests

14 September 2019
John Stone
UK Editor
London N22