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Burnout in healthcare: the case for organisational change

BMJ 2019; 366 doi: (Published 30 July 2019) Cite this as: BMJ 2019;366:l4774

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Re: Burnout in healthcare: the case for organisational change

Job burnout among clinicians has been a common phenomenon in domestic and foreign medical fields. As far as China is concerned, workload is the biggest factor, and the high-intensity and high-pressure working conditions directly lead to the occupational burnout of doctors.The crisis brought by this kind of job burnout is not only the anxiety and excessive fatigue of doctors themselves, but also the suicidal tendency of some doctors, which will lead to medical errors. For doctors, although they know they need to manage their own health, few actually do because they don't have the time. The many news reports of sudden death in clinicians suggest that it is urgent to pay attention to the physical and mental health of clinicians.

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16 August 2019
Sha Lv
ShenZhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital