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Association between major surgical admissions and the cognitive trajectory: 19 year follow-up of Whitehall II cohort study

BMJ 2019; 366 doi: (Published 07 August 2019) Cite this as: BMJ 2019;366:l4466

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Some Surgical Admissions May Protect Against Cognitive Decline

Krause and colleagues produce a methodological robust analysis of the effect of surgical admission on long-term cognitive function (1). It is however premature to conclude, as the authors do, that surgical admissions are associated with cognitive decline. Indeed it is likely that surgical admission has a heterogeneous effect on cognition dependent on a number of factors.

Evidence suggests that some surgeries may even result in long-term neuro-protection. Killinger et al writing in Science's sister journal, in a study involving 1.6 million patients, found that appendicectomy reduced the risk of Parkinson's disease by almost 20%. (2) Loss of cognitive function is a component of Parkinson's disease. (3) Over 42,000 appendicectomies are performed annually in the UK (4). In 80% of cases the length of stay for this procedure is greater than 2 days (4). Hence these events would be captured and included in the present study, as a major surgical admission. The evidence present does not support the notion that surgical admissions have a monolithic unipolar association with long-term cognitive paracme.

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14 August 2019
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