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Re: Gender pay gap in England’s NHS: little progress since last year

This continues to be a major stain and cause of shame for the NHS. It is not as simple as waiting for the old guard to retire, I am aware of continuing problems with female doctors being paid a lower sessional rate than their male counterparts for entirely the same role.

Almost 50 years since the Equal Pay Act in 1970 and this is still happening. More action must be taken to reduce the inherent but often entirely conscious bias against women in the NHS. More challenge must be made of poor decisions. It will be difficult as this is a very complex area. But it must happen. Additionally, the wider intersectional nature of this issue is less obvious unless you are already looking for it.

The NHS is a major employer in the UK and should be an exemplar of equality in the work-space for the rest of the economy.
Professor Dacre's work is of vital and continuing importance.

Competing interests: I am a white, middle-aged, straight, non-disabled male doctor.

31 May 2019
Russell D Brown
Full-time GMS (NHS) GP partner
Chair of East Sussex Local Medical Committee, member of BMA GP Committee representing all GPs in East and West Sussex.
Manor Park Medical Centre, High Street, Polegate, East Sussex, BN26 5DJ, UK