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  1. John Appleby, director of research and chief economist, Nuffield Trust, London, UK
  1. john.appleby{at}

The second year of mandatory reporting shows localised improvement, but half of NHS organisations reported a growing gap between men and women’s earnings, John Appleby finds

March 2018 was the first deadline for UK employers with more than 250 employees to report data on overall differences in what their male and female employees earnt (the “gender pay gap”) in the previous year. The requirement followed a 2017 amendment to the 2010 Equality Act.1

Now that the deadline for the second year’s reporting has passed, have things changed in NHS organisations? Are they closing the gap? Overall, the short answer is no, though some individual organisations seem to have improved.

These data cover only the 203 English NHS organisations that reported in both years. Without a functioning executive, Northern Ireland is yet to enact the reporting requirement. Welsh and Scottish NHS organisations report separately.

In the first year of reporting (2017-18), 91% of NHS organisations in England (185 of 203) reported a …

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