Intended for healthcare professionals

Re: Schoolchildren’s activism is a lesson for health professionals. And for retired folk as well.

Very welcome, the article. Also welcome Wight and Middleton’s response. Here are some small steps that the authors as well as, Wight and Middleton could take - NOW.

1. Cancel your proposed attendances at conferences. Just use Skype or FaceTime.
2. Stop drinking coffee which comes from a long way away. Try milk instead.
3. Start drinking aqua tapa. No mineral waters - neither from France, nor from Harrogate, nor Scotland.

Perhaps Smith, Stott and Williams will remember - in London there used to be (in the days of the Metropolitan Water Board) water taps in Regent’s Park, London, and indeed elsewhere. We (as a family, out on a Sunday) used to quench our thirst there. No Coke, no Lemonade.

I am sure the young lady who stimulated Godlee, Smith, Stott, Williams, Wight, Middleton will be glad to see some action. Words are not quite enough. “Words are like leaves, and where they most abound.....”

JK Anand
Old chap

Competing interests: I am provocative. I am a life member of the Metropolitan Cattle Trough and Drinking Fountains Association.

05 May 2019
JK Anand
Retired doctor