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Should we screen for atrial fibrillation?

BMJ 2019; 364 doi: (Published 13 February 2019) Cite this as: BMJ 2019;364:l43

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Re: Should we screen for atrial fibrillation?

Lown writes that "Current evidence provides a strong case for introducing AF screening now. The outcomes of large randomised trials of screening, such as that proposed by Mant and colleagues, would strengthen the evidence base."

It sounds like he is assuming that the results of Mant's trial (in which he is a collaborator) will support screening. But what if the trial shows that screening confers no benefit?

We should wait for the evidence from this trial rather than pre-empting it.

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17 February 2019
David Spitzer
Margaret McCartney, GP, Glasgow
PHGH Doctors, 23 Temple Fortune Lane, London NW11