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Re: Why I decided to provide assisted dying: it is truly patient centred care

I was horrified to open the latest copy of the BMJ to find it includes a large 3-page article to encourage readers to support assisted dying. So soon before a vital RCP vote, the BMJ should surely be airing more than one viewpoint? The article encourages readers to go to a Dignity in Dying (DiD) webpage to access further information, without explaining that DiD are a pro-euthanasia lobby group. Finally, the article ends with a line in large red font reminding readers of the upcoming RCP vote. This appears to be a blatant attempt to influence voters views. No voice is given to those who oppose assisted dying. I and many others will find this completely irresponsible so soon before a crucial vote. Many earlier comments speak of open and free debate; where exactly does this unilateral article encourage open and free debate?

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04 February 2019
David J Jones
ST1 Acute and Emergency Medicine
William Harvey Hospital