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Re: Why I decided to provide assisted dying: it is truly patient centred care

I was surprised at the publication bias of the BMJ in relation to its decision to print a 3 page pro-euthanasia article before the forthcoming RCP (Royal College of Physicians) poll on assisted dying, without any corresponding article from the opposite viewpoint in the print version. I couldn’t find a conflict of interest statement from the BMJ to accompany the article either, so that it is open and transparent to readers that the BMJ has previously declared as a journal that it is in favour of assisted dying.

I previously highlighted this publication bias and its impact on creditability of the BMJ as an independent and peer reviewed journal:

and you published a response of reassurance:

I’m disasppointed that you have not followed the reassurances you gave.

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05 February 2019
Dylan Harris
Consultant in Palliative Medicine
Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil