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Editorial response to Nicola S Wright and David J Jones about HPAD insert

Thanks to Nicola S Wright ( and David J Jones ( for asking about an insert advertising the pressure group Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying (HPAD) that was distributed with the 2 February 2018 print issue of The BMJ.

The BMJ depends on paid-for advertising revenue, but the advertising and editorial departments operate independently, without any day-to-day knowledge of the content each other is putting in any print journal.

We accept only legal adverts that meet Advertising Standards Authority rules and The BMJ’s policy. See

The BMJ has distributed paid-for inserts from HPAD many times before, and we welcome advertising from all sides of the assisted dying debate.

The BMJ strives to present all views on assisted suicide. In addition to last week's Essay by Sandy Buchman we published several pieces online that expressed varied opinions, as stated in the Essay in print. We will publish further articles this week in print and online, expressing different views.


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05 February 2019
Richard Hurley
features and debates editor