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Re: Why RCP poll is biased in favour of euthanasia.

The RCP ballot of members is a set up. Firstly I suggest that transparency about vested interests be made known so that doctors can see what bias is on council and what agenda might be being promoted. Secondly members should be told why the rules of polls are being changed. Is this democratic? Changing the rules to skew toward a pro euthanasia stance by organising to get a "neutral" stance is a step towards euthanasia, especially since the college wants 66% to vote either way to get a yes/no result (which is unlikely given previous polls) and therefore guaranteeing a neutral result by arbitrarily changing the rules. The membership of the college do not need any wool pulled over their eyes, especially by persons entrusted with the ethical and transparent conduct of medicine.

Competing interests: No competing interests

30 January 2019
Eugene Breen
Psychiatrist, Associate Clinical Professor
Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Dublin, University College Dublin
62/63 Eccles St Dublin 7