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US county bars unvaccinated children from public spaces amid measles emergency

BMJ 2019; 364 doi: (Published 28 March 2019) Cite this as: BMJ 2019;364:l1481

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Re: US county bars unvaccinated children from public spaces amid measles emergency and DR PETER HOTEZ’s blog

I am FOR measles vaccination.
But, neither Prof Hotez, nor anyone else advocating Measles vaccine in these columns has yet told us:
WHERE IN THE UK OR THE US, can a child or an adult obtain MEASLES vaccine.
If want to buy Quinine, I can, with a prescription. And the doctor will issue a prescription if he thinks quinine will treat my malaria.
If I wanted to buy Measles vaccine, the doctor will NOT give a measles vaccine prescription. He will only issue an MMR prescription.
- Q. Why?
- Q TWO. Has Prof Hotez, or the CDC, or Rockland County public epidemiologists surveyed the reported measles cases and discovered--
1. How many of the total reports have been authenticated by laboratory tests.
2. How many of the cases so authenticated had previously received ONE vaccine, how many received TWO vaccines.
3. What were the batch numbers of the vaccines administered and the names of the manufacturers?
4. Had these “measles” cases previously suffered similar looking exanthemata?

As far as I know, these questions above ought to be answered in every infectious disease treated by active immunisation.

We live in the Western democracies. Here we take dim view of “propaganda”, ”exaggeration”.
We recognise that sins of omission are as bad as sins of commission.

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10 April 2019
JK Anand
Retired doctor
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