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Re: Has Cochrane lost its way?

I'm struck by the sentence in the article stating "The more radical fringes of Cochrane campaigned for access to raw trial data and clinical study reports, looking for evidence beyond industry funded trials and analysis."

Is it "radical" and "fringe" to want access to raw data and to clinical study reports when we know how often negative data are left unpublished and when we know that positive outcomes often evaporate when unpublished data are included?

I've been worried about the direction of Cochrane long before the current brouhaha with Peter Gotzsche since some reviews have clearly been tainted by conflicts of interest (as I wrote in: Why we can't trust clinical guidelines )

And although I am a journalist, I cannot understand for the life of me, why a journalist was appointed to head Cochrane. It has the smell of commercial rather than scientific interest - an odor the leadership has done little to dispel.

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03 January 2019
Jeanne Lenzer
independent and BMJ associate editor
New York