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How to make yourselves redundant

BMJ 2018; 363 doi: (Published 08 November 2018) Cite this as: BMJ 2018;363:k4706

Re: How to make yourselves redundant

As well as the preventive measures documented surely diet and exercise should be highlighted (in case they were included in 'education' and 'social improvements'). Britains were never healthier than in WW2 with rationing and the need for (increased) physical activity. Glasgow used to hold the dubious record for dental caries due to the ships from the West Indies unloading their sugar with resultant 'sweetie shops'. Today, however, there is an epidemic of obesity and the consequent 'Diseases of Affluence' (hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis and depression) due to the oversupply of processed foods, better public transport, labour-saving devices including mobile phones and computers, The cost of the drugs to treat these preventable illnesses is absolutely incredible. Yet, in many parts of the civilised world, nutrition and physical education have been lapsed from the school syllabus while TV ads for junk food are designed especially to attract children. The politicians bury reports criticising processed foods as the Fast Food Industry makes incredible donations to their Parties.
It has gone past the point of no-return such that prevention is now up to the motivated, (already) educated individual who are mostly restricted to Socio-economic Classes 1 and 2. As to the rest then, cynically, may I observe the various Governments have adopted the policy of "Let Them Eat Cake (and other Fast Foods)".

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10 November 2018
Mileham G Hayes
3/250 Ipswich Road, Buranda, Brisbane, Australia