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Learning from failure

BMJ 2018; 362 doi: (Published 13 September 2018) Cite this as: BMJ 2018;362:k3884

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Re: Learning from failure "Failures the best teachers"

First of all I thank BMJ editorial team for providing space for such an important topic which is related to everyone life. The life is nothing but learning and learning till death. These events may not be noticed by others or eveen by learner. But in real sense each moment teaches us some or other thing. These events behave as teachers. Out of all events we have mixture of success and failure. Success gives us confidence, self respect, inspiration to proceed further. On the other hand failures work as a remedial teacher to tell us our lackings and areas for improvement. These are the failures which guide us to be more focused, more skilled, and improved tolerance power. No one in this universe is with 100% success rate. So it is a matter of tilting them ratio towards success by learning from failures. One must know what is actually failure in the respective setting, when, what, why these failures happened and how they can be rectified. It is rightly said that if there is no darkness no one knows the importance of light. Likewise if there is no failure the success looses it's importance. So one must compliment failures for being their one of the best teaches of life

Prof. R. K. Dixit
KGMU, Lucknow, India, 226003

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16 September 2018
Rakesh K Dixit
K. G. M. U. Lucknow, India, 226003
Dr. R. K. Dixit, Professor, Pharmacology, KGMU Lucknow, India, 226003