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Antidepressants and murder: case not closed

BMJ 2017; 358 doi: (Published 02 August 2017) Cite this as: BMJ 2017;358:j3697

Re: Antidepressants, murder and vaccination.

Seldom can two respondents from disparate backgrounds have demolished so completely, on one page of your website, the profit-driven charades that occupy many of we medical professionals, in our every day working lives.

David Healey’s fourth and fifth paragraphs reduce much of psychotropic prescribing to a level of ignorance and incompetence that speaks highly of the power of the pharmaceutical industry to manipulate our prescribing decisions.
His colleague, Peter Gøtzsche, has documented the consequent ill effects on our patients, for those who wish to learn. (1)

Steve Hinks’ first paragraph is too charitable. (2) Surely he should be amazed by the sheer ignorance of most doctors and health professionals with respect to basic knowledge of vaccine benefits and risks, rather than just many of them ?
Doctors follow NHS protocols on vaccination, and are paid fees for doing so.
They are not paid to seek out and to examine the evidence for themselves.
Hinks’ response makes the search for evidence easier, for those who wish to look, and learn.

Psychotropics and vaccines are the biggest profit makers for Pharma.
Corporate and company law enshrine the need to put shareholder return on investment as first priority.
Any effect on the public good is only a means to that end.

1 Peter Gøtzsche. Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial. Peoples Press 2015


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04 August 2017
Noel Thomas
retd/part time GP
Bronygarn, Maesteg, Wales CF34 9AL