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Abdominal pain after surgery

BMJ 2017; 357 doi: (Published 06 April 2017) Cite this as: BMJ 2017;357:j1481

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Re: Abdominal pain after surgery and complications of lparoscopic cholecystectomy

For the sake of completeness the catalogue of complications after laparoscopic cholecystectomy(1) ought to highlight those complications which are more common after the laparoscopic procedure than after the open procedure. These include common bile duct injury(2) and gallstone spillage(3). The authors of a literature review published in the year 2002 noted that, since the year 1963, 127 case reports had been published documenting complications secondary to spilled gallstones following the laparoscopic procedure, as opposed to only 2 case reports following the open procedure(3). The discrepancy was attributable to the fact that spilled gallstones are much easier to retrieve during the open procedure than during the laparoscopic procedure, with the consequence that many surgeons simply leave the spilled gallstones behind(4) . However, approximately 5% of patients with spilled and eventually retained gallstones become symptomatic(5) due to a wide range of complications(6).
These include local infections such as subhepatic abscess, retrohepatic abscess, and intra abdominal abscess, and also pelvic abscess. Mechanical complications include intestinal obstruction and lodgment in distal hernia sacs. Migration to other systems may also occur giving rise to empyaema and cholelithoptysis, and also giving rise to urinary tract excretion and haematuria(6).. Late complications include intra abdominal abscess 8 years after laparoscopic cholecystectomy(7), and recurrent haemoptysis 5 years after the procedure(8)..
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