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Time for the UK to commit to tackling child obesity

BMJ 2017; 356 doi: (Published 22 February 2017) Cite this as: BMJ 2017;356:j762

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Re: Time for the UK to commit to tackling child obesity. Time to stop talking.

I am as keen as Hanson, Mullins and Modi to see the BRITISH population stop its double quick progress to rotundity. But the passion for world wide action (which really means more meetings with delegates from ELSEWHERE, meeting in a five star hotel, eating a modest meal (sherry, starters, a main meal of five dishes, claret, a dessert with white wine) and speechification) leaves me cold.

What food did I eat today? A wheat biscuit in the morning, a bowl of moog daal with a soft roll at lunch time, about fifty grammes of Ardennes pate and another roll this evening. Three oranges, three mugs of tea (yes, with sugar), three mugs of coffee (again with sugar). My weight is about 130 lb ( don't ask me in kilos) and I am about five foot eight and a half inches.

The market is over two miles away. The supermarket is two miles. Altogether too far to walk in my senescence.

When I go to the City Centre I see coin machines dispensing sweets (not there when MY children were small), a score of restaurants and take-aways, numerous coffee shops, and three or four dessert parlours.

There is a large supermarket which actually GIVES AWAY coffee or tea WITH SUGAR and MILK , if you like, in disposable mugs to anyone who flashes a loyalty card, but without even buying anything.

The shopping centre, the City Centre - of course they are there to make money

But I thought, in my ignorance, that the local Director of Public Health would be hopping mad about it. After all Dr John Ashton of the Faculty of Public Health created merry hell about sugary drinks - and succeeded.

To end, I beg Hanson, Mullins and Modi to leave the globe alone, and concentrate on The Corpulent Brits.


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24 February 2017
JK Anand
Retired doctor
Free spirit