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NHS hospitals must help patients quit smoking, says British Thoracic Society

BMJ 2016; 355 doi: (Published 07 December 2016) Cite this as: BMJ 2016;355:i6571

The need for a new Tobacco Control Plan: an issue of justice


The Prime Minister’s commitment to ‘fighting against the burning injustice that if you’re born poor, you will die on average nine years earlier than others’[1] is welcome and achievable. As her Government has acknowledged [2], half this difference in life expectancy is due to the higher rates of smoking amongst the least affluent, so major improvements can be achieved by driving down smoking rates amongst the most disadvantaged in society. [3]

The evidence, both at home and abroad, is that doing this requires a comprehensive and sustained government strategy, [4] [5] Many measures, such as the advertising ban, taxation and standardised packaging, are self-sustaining. However to succeed in reducing inequality, the Government also needs to ensure adequate funding for the recurring costs of measures that are known to be effective - mass media campaigns, smoking cessation services and tackling tobacco smuggling. Adequate funding for tobacco control is also core to the “radical upgrade in prevention and public health”, which the NHS Five Year Forward View recognised as essential to ensure the “future health of millions of children, the sustainability of the NHS, and the economic prosperity of Britain”. [6]

Unfortunately, over a year has now passed since the Government’s previous Tobacco Control Plan expired. Despite a statement from the Public Health Minister to Parliament about the importance of a new strategy with new ambitions [7] there is as yet no publication date for its successor.[8] From past experience it is clear that commitment from Health Ministers is not sufficient; if the Prime Minister is really committed to social justice she needs to put her weight behind publication of a new Tobacco Control Plan without further delay.

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Dr Nicholas S Hopkinson
Reader in Respiratory Medicine, Imperial College London

Professor Jane Dacre
President, Royal College of Physicians

Professor Lesley Regan
President, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard
Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners

Professor Sir Simon Wessely
President, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Professor Neena Modi
President, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Professor John Middleton
President, UK Faculty of Public Health

Dr Andrew Furber
President, Association of Directors of Public Health

Professor Parveen Kumar
Chair, British Medical Association Board of Science

Dr Penny Woods
Chief Executive, British Lung Foundation

Professor John Moxham
Chair, Action on Smoking and Health

Shirley Cramer CBE
Chief Executive, Royal Society of Public Health

Professor Sir Richard Thompson
Former President, Royal College of Physicians

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore
Former President, Royal College of Physicians

Professor Dame Carol Black
Former President, Royal College of Physicians

Professor Sir George Alberti
Former President, Royal College of Physicians

Professor Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick
Former President, Royal College of Physicians

Baroness Professor Sheila Hollins
Former President, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Professor Sir Cyril Chantler
Former Chair, The King's Fund and the UCL Partners academic health science network

Dr Hilary Cass OBE
Former President, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

On behalf of 1,100 healthcare professionals and public health experts

Mrs Beth Bennett-Britton Public health registrar
Dr Fiona Clough GP
Mrs Lisa Fendall National Trainer
Dr Chuin Kee GP Principal
Dr Marc Rocheteau specialty doctor anaesthesia
Dr Agnieszka Lewko Senior Lecturer
Dr Alexander Wilkinson Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Arthur Ratcliff Consultant Anaesthetist
Mrs Julie Brown Administrator
Mr Keith McCulloch Cessation Advisor
Dr Roger Shinton Clinical Epidemiologist
Dr Stephen Maxwell GP
Dr Peter Harbrod GP
Dr Amruta Lacy-Colson Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
Dr Paul Hayes Retired Consultant Haematologist
Dr Mirjam Nunes Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Adrian Barrie Retired GP
Mrs Linda Gray Respiratory Physiotherapist
Ms Susan Bartholomew Practice Nurse
Dr Pam Wortley Retired GP
Mrs Anne Crawford Respiratory Nurse
Dr Piyal Perera Senior clinical fellow in Obs and Gyn
Dr Thelma Wield Retired public health consultant
Mrs Carol Bramhall Service Manager
Mrs Carol Newman Stop Smoking Advisor
Ms Glynis John CNS Smoking Cessation
Dr Toby Capstick Lead Respiratory Pharmacist
Dr Ronan O'Driscoll Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Trevor Rogers Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Nicky Simler Consultant Chest Physician
MpharmS KAREN COADY Senior general practise pharmacist
Dr Naweed Sattar Consultant Physician
Dr James Lordan Consultant Respiratory & Lung Transplant Physician
Professor SIr Malcolm Green Emeritus
Dr Rachel Melsom Doctor
Mrs Debbie Leonard practice nurse
Mrs Julie Greenwood Stop smoking service Team Manager
Dr Andrew Stanton Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Geoffrey Lewis Dr
Mr Michael Beverly Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Lisa Smith Doctor
Mrs Jill Rushforth Dental hygienist/tutor
Mr Andrew Booth Advanced Nurse Specialist
Mrs Claire Mott Senior Respiratory Physiotherapist
Dr Martin Farebrother Retired Consultant Physician, Respiratory Medicine
Mr Khalid Shah HCA/Social Worker
Mr Norman Goodey Stop Smoking Adviser
Mrs Claire Hammett Specialist Respiratory Practitioner
Dr Sue Height Consutlant Paediatric Haematologist
Dr Ruby Osorio Psychiatrist
Dr Verity McClelland MRC Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Roger McInnes Retired
Ms Edwina Wooler Senior Paediatric respiratory Nurse Specialist
Dr Adam Lewis Research Physiotherapist
Dr Rosalind Piper Retd Consultant Haematologist
Ms Lisa Elder Respiratory Nurse Specialist
Mr John Davison specialist nurse - complex lung disease
Dr Philip Roberts Consultant Pathologist
Mrs Sophie Phillips macmillan lung cancer nurse
Professor Raymond Tallis Emeritus Professor of Geriatric Medicine
Professor Frank Besag Consultant Neurpsychiatrist
Dr Andrew Wainwright GP
Dr Brijindera Singh GP
Mr Glenn Seale Medical Student & Care Support Worker
Dr Nicola Stevenson Consultant Chest Physician
Mrs Clare Fluker Practice Nurse
Dr Gordon Bottomley Community Paediatrician
Mr Seshagiri Koneru Consultant Urological Surgeon
Dr Matthew Pavitt Clinical Research Fellow/Reapiratory Registrar
Professor Hilary Pinnock Professor of Primary Care Respiratory Medicine
Dr Raphael Holmes Doctor
Dr Ivo Haest Consultant Public Health Medicine
Dr Ronald Samuel retired medical practitioner
Dr Tom White Retired GP
Dr Jimstan Periselneris SCF Fungal & Infectious Disease
Dr Verona Mihai Doctor
Dr Bernard Freudenthal Specialist registrar in endocrinology and diabetes
Dr David Nicholl Clinical Lead for Neurology
Dr Danielle Reddi Anaesthetist
Dr Kevin Gill Consultant Radiologist
Dr Vikki Fradd Consultant Neonatologist
Dr Madan Bahl Retired NHS Consultant
Dr Jawad Mahmood doctor
Mr Martyn Barnes Consultant
Mrs Diana Wright General Practice Nurse
Dr D. Jean Reynolds Retired GP
Mrs Andrea Moreman Respiratory Physiotherapist
Mrs Heather Paul Retired Staff Grade in Geriatric Medicine
Dr Emma Broughton GP
Ms Gillian Swift Pharmacist
Dr Jonathan Cunliffe Doctor
Dr Shirley Potts General Practitioner
Dr John Seager Retired consultant paediatrician
Dr Krishna Korlipara Retired GP and Clinical Assistant in Cardiology
Dr Lucy McNally Doctor
Dr Iain Cameron Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Kate Warburton Consultant Ageing and Health
Dr Anne Webb consultant in sexual and reproductive health (retired)
Dr J Walker Hospital doctor
Mr Saj Khan Ophthalmic Surgeon
Dr Edmund Neville Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Nuala Devlin Gp
Professor Elizabeth Russell retired Prof of Social medicine
Dr Chris Record Consultant Physician
Dr Kate Stobbart GP
Dr Louise Fleming Clinical Senior Lecturer Respiratory Paediatrics
Dr Alexander McLean GP
Dr Janet Hardingham GP
Dr Henry Andrews Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Shamil Haroon Academic Clinical Lecturer
Dr Rosemary Rayner Consultant Paediatrician
Mr Richard Buxton Consultant Surgeon
Dr Nancy Kuchemann GP
Dr Philip Unsworth Consultant Medical Microbiologist
Dr Neil Braude Consultant
Dr Christopher Birt Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
Dr Timothy Smith st4 paediatrics
Dr Ian Forrest Consultant Respiratory Physician
Ms Zuleikha Kidy Pharmacist
Dr Nuzhat Akram Gp
Dr Louise Persaud GP
Mr Bruce Richard Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
Dr Anne-Marie Doyle Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Mrs Jenny Jones practice nurse
Dr Peter Knight Paediatrician
Professor Peter Calverley Professor f Respiratory Medicine
Dr George Chalmers Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
Dr Jonathan Fluxman GP
Dr Jacqueline Spiby Public health consultant
Dr Fraser Wood Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr S George McVeigh Dr
Dr Jonathan Goldman Retired Physician
Mr Alan Berry Consultant General Surgeon
Dr Elizabeth Ginn Consultant Respiratory Medicine
Dr Charles Holme Retired hospital consultant
Dr Anthony Jarvis GP
Dr Julian Lentaigne Respiratory and Intensive Care Registrar
Dr Alan Ogden Consultant
Mrs Mira Osinibi Paediatric Respiratory Specialist Nurse
Dr Ronald MacLean Retired GP
Ms Anna Szkola Project Officer
Mrs Chris Burton Health Improvement Development Officer
Dr Jonathan Roland Consultant Diabetologist
Professor Kian Fan Chung Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Ms liz allibone Head of Clinical Education and Training
Dr Neil Statham GP
Dr David Badham Retired GP
Dr Mary Montgomery Paediatric Intensivist
Professor Alan Maryon-Davis Hon Professor of Public Health
Dr Ray Meleady consultant cardiologist & physician
Dr Brian Partridge GP
Dr Balvinder Kaur Public Health Consultant
Dr Rachel Tennant Consultant in Respiratory & Acute Medicine
Dr Sarah Maltby Specialist Registrar Sport & Exercise Medicine
Mrs Julie Hunt Locality lead
Dr J Guy Edwards Emeritus NHS consultant
Dr Liju Ahmed Consultant Respiratory Physician
Ms Kathy Elliott Lay Governing Body Member
Dr Brendan Cooper President
Dr Harpreet Ranu Respiratory Consultant
Mrs Tracey Fleming Senior Chief Respiratory Physiologist
Mrs Sue Jordan Asst Director
Professor Martin Pippard Emeritus Professor of Haematology
Professor Selena Gray Professor of Public Health
Dr Imran Hussain Consultant respiratory physician
Dr Geoffrey Pullen Consultant Psychiatris
Dr John de Caestecker Consultant Physician
Dr Alanna Hare Consultant in Respiratory Failure
Dr James Newey Retired GP
Dr Hugh Williamson Occupational Physician
Dr Kai Lee Consultant respiratory physician
Mrs Christine Jones Specialist Cessation Advisor
Mr ADAM JOHNS Retired Ortopaedic Surgeon
Dr Rachel Pryke GP
Miss Janeanne Spence Stop Stoming Manager
Dr Elin Roddy Consultant Respiratory Physician
Ms Cecilia Clarke Health Improvement Manager
Dr Caroline Mawer Gp
Dr Nicholas Simmonds Consultant Respiratory Physician
Mrs Anne Marie Marley Respiratory Nurse Consultant
Dr Alan McCubbin GP
Dr Harriet Cheesbrough GP
Dr Partho Roy Public Health Doctor
Dr Maddy Gupta-Wright Public Health Registrar
Dr Seema Brij Consultant Respiratory Physician
Mrs Tracey Aitken Healthcare Assistant
Ms Nichola Woodacre UH Bristol Smoke Free Hospitals Practitioner
Dr Alison Grove Consultant Physician
Mrs Joanne Doggett Programme Manager
Dr Samantha Westrop Public Health Registrar
Mrs Julia Butterworth Health Care Assistant
Ms Judith Hindess sport, lifestyle and health manager
Ms Vicky Lamonby Respiratory/Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist
Professor Amanda Amos Professor of Health Promotion
Mrs Susan Piddock Operations Manager
Mrs Deborah Hobdell Practice Nurse
Mrs Daphne Todd Retired
Mr Kevin Taylor Deputy Divisional Manager
Dr Ana Ionita Doctor Respiratory Medicine
Dr Charles Turton Consultant Physician
Dr Anna Lewis Consultant physician in respiratory medicine
Dr Diarmuid McNicholl Respiratory Consultant
Ms Alice Tackney Junior Sister
Dr Simon BAGGULEY Doctor
Mrs Lesley Wilson HCA
Dr michael Snee consultant in clinical oncology
Dr IOM Abdelgadir Physician
Mr Steve Howard Admin
Dr Alison Boland Consultant Respiratory Physican
Dr Shafick Gareeboo Consultant Physician
Dr Rodney Franklin Consulatnat Paediatric Cardiologist
Mrs Lynne Hughes Smoking cessation Nurse Lead
Ms Mary Arnott-Gee Smoking Cessation Lead Nurse
Dr gillian smith consultant rheumatologist
Dr Paul Neill Consultant
Dr David Bellamy retired GP
Mr Barry Young Smoking Cessation
Mr David Etter Data Input & Admin
Mr George Butterworth Tobacco Policy Manager
Ms Rachael Gregory Lifestyle Contract Officer
Mr Brendan Mallia Milanes Consultant Respiratory Physician
Mrs Elaine Pearce Techninian
Mrs Debbie Mainwaring Health Care Assistant
Professor Richard Ashcroft Professor of Bioethics
Ms Larissa Nam Stop smoking practitioner
Dr Gareth Jones Consultant Respiratory Physician
Mrs Nicki Blyth Service Lead
Mr Andrew Puttick Locality Co-ordinator
Dr justin pepperell consultant physician
Mr Peter Watson Smoke Cessation Advisor
Mrs Harrie Glossop Nurse Advisor in Education
Mrs Ruth Smales Specialist Health Improvement Practitioner
Mrs Wendy Preston Vice-Chair
Mrs Deborah Neale Health Trainer
Dr Tuck-Kay Loke Consultant Respiratory Physician
Mrs Sarah Kearney Respiratory Specialist nurse
Mrs Rachel Young Practice Nurse
Ms Laura Searle Manager
Mr Ronnie Troughton Smoking Cessation Advisor
Mr Guy Heath Smoking cessation nurse
Mrs Margaret Simpson Team Lead smoking
Mrs Kay Hilton Respiratory Specialist Nurse
Dr Sarah Scrivener Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Victoria Wheatley Palliative Medicine Consultant
Mr Ian Cliff Clinical Scientist
Ms Louise Ross Stop Smoking Service Manager
Mrs Christine Mcleod Health Care Assistant
Dr Stephen Connellan Retired Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Amer Hamed Cardiology Consultant
Mrs Maryann Anderson Health Promotion Officer
Dr Clare Ricketts Respiratory Registrar
Ms Jane Marren Practice Nurse
Dr grace robinson consultant respiratory physician
Ms Joan Sharp Pharmacist
Dr Michelle MacDougall Consultant in Respiratory and Acute Medicine
Dr Gareth Walters Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
Dr Ian Campbell Hon. Consultant Physician
Dr Ian Coutts Retired chest physician
Dr Lola Loewenthal Respiratory registrar
Ms Sandra Olive Respiratory Nurse Consultant
Dr Helen Parsons GP
Dr Roxanne Keynejad ST3 Academic Clinical Fellow in General Adult Psychiatry
Dr Gary Ruiz Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician
Dr Ian Benton Respiratory physician
Mrs Fran Guyatt Respiratory Nurse Specialist
Mrs Moyra Burns Health Promotion Service Manager
Dr Neville Dobie Dr
Professor John Gibson Emeritus Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Dr Heather Mortimer Consultant in Respiratory and GIM
Dr Matthew Lumley Consultant Haematologist
Dr Stephen Crooks Consultant in Respiratory Mededicine
Dr Robert Parker Consultant
Dr Robin Clark Consultnat Respiratory Physician
Dr Gabi Woolf Public Health Registrar
Dr Paul Anderson Retired Consultant Respiratory Physician
Mrs Amanda Whale Practice nurse
Professor Sherwood Burge Professor of Occupational Lung Diseases
Dr Angela Hilton Consultant Respiratory Physician (Retired)
Ms Miranda Eeles Public Health strategist
Dr Shanthi Paramothayan Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Shahideh Safavi Clinical Research Fellow
Ms Kate Eveleigh Health Improvement Practitioner
Dr Maria Duaso Lecturer
Professor Brian Harrison Retired Consultant Physician
Mrs Jacqueline Gallacher Dental Hygienist
Ms Karen Harman Medical Secretary
Mrs Lynne Fish Staff Nurse
Dr Shivani Shah Salaried GP
Mrs Lynda Evans GPN
Miss Claire Sweeney Pregnancy Lead
Mrs Ginny Cranshaw Public Health practitioner
Mr Andy Trohear Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Mrs Faye Owen Pharmacist
Mr Robert Morris Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy
Mr Alan Brearley Smoking Cessation Advisor
Ms helen shields tobacco control lead
Ms Jerry Deming Tobacco Treatment Specialist
Mrs carol major health care assistant
Mr David Davies Registered Nurse Mental Health/Learning Disabilities
Mrs Carol Searle Health and Wellbeing Contract Manager
Jyoti Dattani Dr in Ayurvedic Medicin
Mr Mark Falconer Development worker
Mr david hitchmough smoking cessation advisor
Dr claire oxby consultant
Mrs Stephanie Coyne Administrator
Dr Chris Playfair GP Ophthalmologist
Mr Mark Burnstead Community Learning Disability Nurse
Mrs Susan Watling Wellness Coach
Mrs Gillian Moon Health Care Assistant (Stop smoking advisor)
Mrs Sarah Rochester Health Care Assistant
Miss Harjot Seehra Child Health Apprentice
Dr Paul Obi Physician
Mr Jonathan Winter Respiratory specialist research nurse
Ms Claire Chater Health Improvement Assistant
Mr James Pierce Operations Manager
Mrs pam pounce Health improvement Advice co-ordinator
Mr Joseph Lewis MECC Administrator
Mrs Marie McKeown Senior Development Coordinator
Mrs denise prescott smoking advisor
Mrs Karen Gray Smokefree Lothian Service Manager
Mrs Linda Offord Public Health Programme Lead
Ms Debbie Thompson Stop Smoking Advisor
Ms Ailsa Rutter Director
Mrs Claire Ford Specialist Stop Smoking Adviser
Mrs June Wakefield Smoking Cessation Advisor
Mrs Miriam Thornton Health Improvement Specialist
Mr David Coop Retired
Ms Maria Smith Respiratory nurse specialist
Dr Tara Sathyamoorthy Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Felix Naughton Senior Lecturer
Mr James Walker Smoking Cessation Trainer
Ms Ruby King Advanced Public Health Practitioner
Ms Jane Wright Stop Smoking Service Manager
Mr Alexander McLeish Communities Officer (Health)
Mrs Nicola Coote Specialist Smoking Cessation Practitioner
Mr Wayne Bradford Service manager
Mrs Mary Potter Community Capacity Builder
Dr caroline szczesny ENT F2
Mrs sarah Czornij Family worker Substance misues
Dr Ian Basnett Public Health Director
Miss Emma Dillner Public Health Practitioner
Dr Elizabeth Archer GP (retired)
Ms katie mcGoldrick integrated team leader
Ms Jo Spinney Health Improvement Practitioner
Mrs Susan Saunders Stop Smoking Adviser
Mrs Rosy Meadows GPN
Mr Adam Langford Administrator
Miss Maggie Edmondson Specialist Advisor
Mrs Julia Thomas Senior Public Health Manager
Ms Tracy Marshall Outcome Manager (Public Health)
Miss Cara Umney Stop Smoking Service Coordinator
Mr Steve Maddern Head of Health Improvement
Dr Christine Kirk Retired Consultant Psychiatrist
Ms Alice Monk Medical student
Dr Neal Navani Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
Mrs Gemma Handley Systems manager
Mrs Elaine Tilling Dental Hygienist
Mrs Claire Hurcum Alcohol and Tobaco Control Project Officer
Mrs Hanifa Ditta Tobacco Control Programme Manager
Mr Kevin Hood Service Manager
Dr Rachel Adams CLAHRC-WM Theme 1 Co-ordinator
Dr Shiva Bikmalla Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Andy McEwen Executive Director
Dr Lesley Lowe Medical Researcher
Dr Sinéad McGuinness Dr
Dr Yogesh Upadhye Consultant
Ms Maria Lygoura Matron
Dr Andreas Kyrris GP
Dr Dalip Gahle GP
Dr Ian Robinson GP
Dr Susan Hyne GP principal
Dr Charles Pantin Consultant Physician
Dr Tom Yates CT1 doctor
Mrs Christine Hood Respiratory Nurse Specialist
Dr Daniel Sapier Junior Doctor
Mrs Carol Gillen Chief operating officier
Dr Robert Winter Consultant
Dr Damien Leith Hepatology Junior Clinical Fellow
Dr Louise Restrick Integrated Consultant Respiratory Physician
Professor Susan Michie Professor of Health Psychology
Dr James Morris Specialty Registrar in Public Health
Dr Sara Lock Consultant Respiratory Physician, Clinical Lead for Lung Cancer
Mr Robin Hewings Signing in an individual capacity
Dr Charles Nicholas Collier General Practitioner
Ms Gillian Emmerson Public Health Nurse Lead
Dr Rajesh Yadavilli Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr kamal ibrahim respiratory consultant physician
Dr martin breach dr
Dr Rachael Murray Associate Professor of Health Policy
Dr simon challand consultant palliative medicine
Dr Annette Nicolle Consultant Haematologist
Dr Nirandeep Rehill Public Health Doctor
Mrs Tracey Holliday respiratory nurse specialist
Mr Scott Crosby Regional Tobacco Policy Manager
Mr Steve Parrott Reader in Health Economics
Mrs Amy Fuller PhD Student
Dr Iain Crossingham Consultant Intensivist & Respiratory Physician
Mr Vijay Padmanaban Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
Dr Mark Sheehan Medical Registrar
Dr Luis Vaz Research Fellow
Mrs Anne Dickinson Research Assistant
Dr Sue Cooper Principal Research Fellow
Mrs Rebecca Thorley Hospital to Home, Smoker Support Study - Trial Manager
Mr Steven Carter Health Improvement Practitioner
Mrs Rachel Tuffnell Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist
Dr Rebecca Oxley Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Life of Breath
Dr Jane Marshall Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Mohammed Haris Consultant Physician Respiratory Medicine
Mr Dominic Luxton Medical student
Dr Manpreet Bains Assistant Professor
Dr Matthew Harmer Clinical Research Fellow in Paediatric Nephrology
Professor Linda Bauld Professor of Health Policy and CRUK/BUPA Chair in Behavioural Research for Cancer Prevention
Dr Elisabetta Renzoni consultant physician
Dr Sarah Davies Respiratory Consultant
Dr Sanjay Kumar consultant respiratory medicine
Dr Alex West Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Joanna Ratan Dr
Dr Noriko Cable Senior Research Fellow
Dr Kate Hampshire Reader in Anthropology
Ms Deborah Arnott chief executive
Professor Jeff Collin Professor of Global Health Policy
Dr Pradeep Sahare Paediatrician
Dr Edward Fletcher GP
Dr Samantha Harrison Senior Lecturer/Physiotherapist
Dr Olivia Maynard Senior Research Associate
Dr Kate Evans Public health registrar
Professor Tim Coleman Professor in Primary Care
Mrs Angela Buckingham Practice Nurse
Mr Craig Gunn PhD Student
Miss Leah Jayes PhD Student
Mr Chris Hill Digital Media and Centre Support Officer
Mrs deborah roots cardiorespiratory nurse consultant
Dr Alexandra Nanzer-Kelly Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Noel Baxter General Practitioner
Dr Guy Scadding Consultant Physician
Dr Kasia Zalewska Specialist Registrar in Respiratory Medicine
Dr Geetha Kugan Consultant Community Paediatrician
Ms Lucy Moody Outreach stop smoking advisor and driver
Professor Stephen Durham Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Medicine
Mrs Dawn Cockburn specialist stop smoking advisor
Ms fay stelling stop smoking outreach advisor
Dr Rory Cavanagh Older Person's Mental Health Associate Specialist Psychiatrist
Dr Helen Turnbull Consultant clinical Oncologist
Dr Anuji Samarasinghe GP
Mrs Vivien Spencer Research Nurse
Dr Neha Shah Public Health Registrar
Mr Chris Cooper Safety and Metrology Manager
Mrs Sheila Edwards Chief Executive
Ms claire davey physiotherapist
Mrs Annie Barringham Ward Sister
Dr Faye Sheel ST3
Mrs Nicola Ainsworth Specialty Registrar - Public Health
Mrs Hamira Sultan Consultant in Public Health
Ms Brian Silk Retired Consultant Paediatrician
Dr Catherine Grose Registrar in Geriatric Medicine
Mrs sarah James Education facilitator
Mrs Liz Hudson Respiratory Nurse
Professor Ian Adcock Professor
Mrs Helen Rees COPD Nurse
Mr Patrick Wilson Lead Pharmacist: High Cost Medicines
Dr Mandy Cheetham Research Associate
Dr Dena Pitrola Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Myra Stern Consultant Respiratory Medicine/ Medical Director for CPD and Revalidation
Dr Michelle Needham Clinical Lead for Respiratory medicine
Mrs Karen Merriman Respiratory Nurse Specialist
Dr Niole de Zoysa Clinical Psychologist
Dr Diana Jolliffe Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Laura-Jane Smith Respiratory Registrar
Dr Irem Patel Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Jo Cudmore GP
Dr Naomi Adelson doctor
Dr Peter Nightingale Consultant Anaesthetist
Mr John Moloney Retired
Mr Niall Aston Consultant vascular Surgeon
Mr Dan Williams Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Mr Nashat Siddiqui Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Sadia Anwar Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Gerard Hanna Consultant in Clinical Oncology
Dr Shaun O'Connell General Practitioner
Dr Silvana Unigwe Dr
Ms Katy Scammell Consultant in Public Health
Dr Gary Fooks Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Policy
Mr David Mattocks Retired CHC Chief Officer
Dr Dipansu Ghosh Consultant Respiratory Physician
Mr Serban Daramus Pharmacist Manager
Mrs Helen Laing Primary Care Pharmacist
Dr Richard Harper GP
Dr Helen Curtis Respiratory physician
Dr Brenda Stuart Consultant Rheumatologist
Dr Siwan Evans G P
Dr Helena Posnett Speciality Registrar
Dr Michael Gillespie Consultant in Emergency Medicine
Dr dawn lau Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Daniel McGuinness Renal SpR and Research Fellow
Mrs Nikki Williams Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Physiology
Dr Robert Allcock Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Christopher Cooper GP
Dr EJC Parker Retired GP
Dr Matthew Serlin Retired Consultant Respiratory Physician
Mr Iain Miller Programme Lead
Dr Colin Wallace retired GP
Dr Gerald McGovern retired consultant psychiatrist.
Mr Alex Perkins Chief Clinical Physiologist
Dr Joyce Leeson Retired Director of Public Health
Mrs Kate Breese Respiratory Nurse
Ms Julie Parker-Walton Acting Consultant in Public Health
Ms Charlotte Biggin Physiotherapist
Dr Laura Bennett GP
Mr Paul Andison Public Health Officer
Dr John McGough Medical Practitioner
Miss India Corrin Medical Student
Ms Alison Hardy Business Manager
Dr Hannah Green GP
Mr Martyn Bucknall Senior Lecturer in Physiology
Mrs Andrea Crossfield Chief Executive
Ms Caroline Vass Public Health Specialty Registrar
Dr Mary O'Sullivan Consultant Community Paediatrician
Dr Katarzyna Ellingham Consultant Radiologist
Dr John Coles Retired General Medical Practioner
Dr Caroline Brookman Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Anthony Fortune-Jones Family Doctor
Dr Valerie Anne Mary Griffiths Associate Specialist Community Paediatrics
Dr Jane RICHARDS Retired GP, Lobbyist at the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control
Ms Claire Mawditt PhD student
Professor Jo Setchell Professor
Ms Aideen Dunne Public Health Registrar
Dr Amy Binnion Consultant Respiratory Physician
Mrs Amanda Charalambou Respiratory research physiologist
Dr Virginia Davies Consultant in paediatric liaison
Ms Mairi Murray Retired gp
Dr jamie barbour consultant physician
Mr Kishore Makam Consultant Surgeon
Dr John Thomson Retired
Dr Sanjay Agrawal Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Claudia Merli Senior Lecturer in Socio-cultural Anthropology (Health)
Dr Craig Martin Consultant Oncologist
Dr Josephine Boxer Retired GP
Dr Douglas McCarter Doctor
Dr Charlie Sharp Respiratory Specialty Registrar
Professor Michael Carrithers Professor
Dr Raana Haqqee consultant physician
Dr Andrew Russell Reader
Dr Kilimangalam Narayanan Consultant Physician
Dr Clive Kelly Consultant Physician
Mr James Barbour retired general practitioner
Dr Michael Davies Retired Consultant Dermatologist
Dr jeremy killen consultant physician
Ms Judith MacMorran Health Improvement Practitioner (Advanced)
Dr Alan Forster Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist
Dr Richard Hall GP
Dr Lucy Robin Consultant Paediatrician
Miss Moira Gibbons Paediatric Asthma Nurse Specialist
Dr Yvette Saldanha GP
Mr Mark Hickey Consultant cardiac surgeon
Ms Dianne Woodall Public Health Portfolio Lead
Mrs Bev Wears Service Development Manager
Dr Geoffrey Lewis Dr
Ms Fatima Patel Medical Student
Mr Craig Lee Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Dr Craig Bratten Consultant Histopathologist
Mr Rafeed Rashid Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor
Ms Joanna Feeney South Tees Stop Smoking Service Lead
Professor Hugh Montgomery Professor of Intensive Care Medicine
Mr Curt Hiller, RRT Tobacco Cessation Patient Educator
Dr Rosemary Millar Public Health Registrar
Dr Joia de Sa Public Health Registrar
Mr Paul Gray Public Health Programme Lead
Professor David Fuller Emeritus Professor
Mrs Jo Woodvine Tobacco and Stop Smoking Service Manager
Mrs Jane McGrath Smoking Cessation Specialist Advisor
Dr sophie west Consultant respiratory physician
Ms Janice Biggar Stop Cessation Advisor
Mrs Jill Demilew Consultant Midwife Public Health
Dr Woolf Walker Paediatric Respiratory Consultant and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer
Professor maria Belvisi Professor of Respiratory Pharmacology
Dr Richard Russell Respiratory Specialist Registrar
Mrs Christine Taaffe respiratory nurse specialist
Dr Sarah McLusky Project Manager
Dr Alan Stanton Consultant Community Paediatrician
Mr Andrew Graham Specialty Registrar Public Health
Dr Helena Rockett Retired Ass spec in CaSH
Mrs Joy Evans Public health programme lead
Dr Tazeem Bhatia Doctor
Mrs karen macdonald staff nurse
Dr Anna Gerratt Consultant Respiratory Physician
Professor Peter Barnes Head of Respiratory Medicine
Dr Sally Hawkins Dr
Mr Peter Watson Smoke Cessation Advisor
Dr Amy Dewar Locum Consultant Respiratory and General Medicine
Dr Alison Gill Consultant Respiratory Physician
Mr David Lawrence Hon. Senior Lecturer
Dr Elfatih Nour Idris Consultant respiratory physician
Dr Keith Evans retired GP
Dr Derek Dye Retired Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Mike Peat GP
Mr John Costello Health & Wellbeing Programme Manager
Dr Anant Patel Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Mark Nicholson Dr
Mrs Alison Webber Business Admin Support
Mr Simon Ward Adult Respiratory Physiology, Head of Service
Professor Jon Ayres Emeritus Professor of Environmental & Respiratory medicine
Mrs Carole Johnson Head of Health Improvement, Public Health
Dr Janet Amakye GP
Professor Martyn Partridge Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Dr Matthew Berry Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Richard Crombie Consultant anaesthetist
Dr David Wickstead GP Partner
Dr Alexander McLean GP
Dr David Haines GP
Dr Sarah Read-Jones Consultant Histopathologist
Dr Nicholas Browne GP
Dr Pearline Punnoose General Practitioner
Dr John Bull Consultant Physician, retired
Mr Sam Wade Medical student
Dr Daphne Rumball Addictions psychiatrist
Mrs Lorraine Creech Mesothelioma UK CNS Team Leader
Dr Ajit Thomas Consultant Respiratory Physician
Professor Ian Leck Emeritus Professor (Epidemiology)
Dr Ian Millington Retired GP
Professor Robert Stein Professor of Breast Oncology and Consultant Medical Oncologist
Dr Stuart Cohen Consultant Dermatologist
Dr Peter Bailey GP
Dr Jason Wieboldt Respiratory doctor
Dr Gary Connett Paediatric Respiratory Consultant
Dr Shahul khan Consultant
Dr Jaishi Vaid Consultant Paediatrician(retired)
Dr vinayagam sudhakar consultant radiologist
Professor Andrew Wardlaw Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Medicine
Dr John spencer psychiatrist
Dr Rachel Starer GP
Dr Grania O'Mahony GP
Mr Douglas Buchanan Retired Surgeon
Dr Sebastian Lugg Academic Clinical Fellow in Respiratory Medicine
Dr nicholas best independent consultant psychiatrist
Dr Barbara Murray Retired GP
Dr Laura Barton CT1 Doctor
Dr Peter Burrows Retired GP
Dr ROBERT ANDREW JORDAN General Practitioner
Dr Stephen Lewis Retired GP & Hospital Practitioner
Dr Ruth Gelletlie Public health physician (retired)
Dr Devesh Sennik Consultant Physician
Dr Martin Heath Retired GP
Dr Emma Plugge Senior Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Richard Roope National Clinical Champion for Cancer
Mr Sanjay Tanna Senior Clinical Pharmacist
Professor Alan Smyth Professor of Child Health
Dr David Bell Retired Consultant Public Health Physician
Dr E J Sheppard GP
Dr Lucy Bemand-Qureshi Specialist Registrar in Palliative Medicine
Dr Laura Hipple Associate Specialist
Mrs Deirdre Siddaway Respiratory Nurse Specialist
Dr Rebecca Goodchap GP and Clinical Assistant in Oncology (Lung Cancer)
Dr Richard Collins Retired GP
Dr Jillian Evenson Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Mike Florin GP
Dr Jennifer Lisle Governor
Dr Nick Travaglia GP
Dr Claire Rees GP
Dr Hamzah Hussain SHO
Dr gillian collister general practitioner
Dr Odinaka Nwodo Doctor
Dr Ann Ward Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
Dr John O'DONNELL Doctor
Dr Victoria Rouse GP
Dr David Rowlands Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Patricia L Haslam Emeritus Reader
Dr Riaz Hafiz GP
Dr Anthony Jarvis Retired GP
Dr Alyson Hall Yandoli Hon Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Dr Geoffrey Hillam Retired General Practitioner
Mrs Jenny Till Recently Retired Practice Nurse
Mr Ramesh Chelvarajah Consultant Neurosurgeon
Dr Will Elston Consultant Respiratory physician
Dr Ann Blackburn Retired General Physician
Dr John Calvert Retired GP
Dr Stephen Chan Associate GP
Dr Michael Mort retired GP
Dr Martin Rodgers Tutor
Dr Robert William FOWLER Honorary Consultant Physician - Smoke Free Lead
Dr Karen Horridge Consultant Paediatrician (Disability)
Mrs Katrina Tyldsley Cancer manager
Dr Jane Hailey Community Paedaitrician
Dr David Hughes Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist
Dr John Gaddie Retired hospital consultant
Dr Peter Rodrigues Retired gp
Dr Pavels Gordins Consultant Immunologist
Dr Keith Dunnett General Practitioner
Dr Michael Hasenfuss Ret GP
Dr Caroline Everett Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Ian Jessiman Dr
Dr julia hawkins GP
Dr Gerrard Rafferty Reader in Human & Translational Physiology
Dr Naveed Mustfa Consultant Respiratory Medicine
Dr jonathan Douse Consutlant respiratory medicine
Mrs sharon pfleger consultant in pharmaceutical public health
Professor John Gibson Emeritus Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Ms Judith Stonebridge SPR public health
Dr Amanda Robinson General Practitioner
Dr Timothy Cantor Retied GP
Dr Douglas Burdon Retired Consultant Medical Microbiologist
Ms Karen Buckley Public Health Specialty Registrar
Mr Malcolm Brewster Practice Nurse
Dr Roger Sutton General Practitioner
Dr Hassan Daudjee Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Vincent Cavanagh Ex-Medical Director
Dr Edith Price Retired doctor
Dr Peter Garlick Retired GP
Dr Leslie Scarth Retired and consultant
Dr Elizabeth Davies Clinical Reader in Cancer and Public Health
Dr Michael Farquhar Consultant in Paediatric Sleep Medicine
Dr David Taylor GP
Dr Kyra Neubauer Consultant Physician
Dr Madhurima Chetan Doctor
Ms Caroline Carney Teaching Fellow
Mrs Jayne Longstaff Respiratory Quality Improvement Nurse
Dr Diana Cox Consultant (rtd)
Dr Katy Powell GP
Councillor Lynne Caffrey Chair Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board
Dr Jennifer Mindell Reader in Public Health
Ms Kate Lewis PhD student
Professor David Baldwin Consultant Physician
Dr Paul Hayes Retired Consultant Haematologist
Dr Alan Gordon Consultant Neurophysiologist (now retired)
Dr Helen Hopkinson consultant physician
Dr Frances Grudzinska Dr
Dr Keith Pollock Retired Clinician
Mrs karen golden senior sister (respiratory)
Dr Sandy Robertson Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Edmund Neville Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Richard Bowie Retired Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Pranabashis Haldar Senior Clinical Lecturer
Dr denis keane general practitioner
Dr Elizabeth Sheridan Consultant Medical Microbiologist
Dr Martin Sics General practitioner
Miss Sara Buttery Research Physiotherapist
Dr Patricia Done Retired community doctor
Dr Lynda Wilson GP
Mr wayne gould stop smoking practitioner
Dr Malcolm Brodlie MRC Clinician Scientist/Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine
Mr Peter Gornall Emeritus Consultant Surgeon
Dr Andrew Medford Consultant & Hon Senior Lecturer in Resp Medicine
Dr Claire Bayntun Public Health
Dr Manzoor Memon Retired
Professor Havi Carel Professor of Philosophy
Dr Nigel Hurst Consultant rheumatologist (retired)
Dr Stewart Rae Retired
Dr Neil Potter GP
Mr Stewart Brock Public Health Specialist
Dr Helen Walters Consultant in Public Health Medicine
Professor Anthony Seaton Emeritus professor
Mr Janardan Vyas Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr Clive Peedell Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Dr Andrew Stanners Consultant Physician
Ms Rosie Cable Respiraotry Physiotherapist
Dr Wikum Jayatunga Public Health Registrar
Professor Aziz Sheikh Professor of Primary Care R&D
Ms Sara Gibbs Consultant in Public ealth
Dr Duncan Davidson Retired Consulatnt Neurologist
Dr John Scanlon Consultant Paediatrician
Professor Simon Capewell Vice President for Policy
Mr Inder Uppal Member
Dr James Dodd Consultant & Senior Lecturer Respiratory Medicine
Dr James Salvin-Keech Medical Officer
Dr David Cohen Consultant stroke physician
Mr Matthew Osborne Health Improvement Specialist
Mrs Maria Dewar Registered Nurse
Dr mary seed Hon Consultant Physician
Dr Philip Mitchelmore Research Registrar
Professor Ann McNeill Professor of Tobacco Addiction
Mr Arnaud Koehl PhD researcher
Mrs Claire Paul healthy Living Services Manager
Professor Keir Lewis Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Dr Barry Cullen Retired GP
Dr james Scarlett G.P. Retired
Dr Peter Fisher Consultant Physician
Dr William White Retired consultant anaesthetist
Mr Alaji Gashau Consultant Ophthalmologist
Dr James Paton Reader in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine
Dr Debby Nicoll Research Nurse Manager
Dr David Tibbutt Retired Cardiologist
Dr Filippos Filippidis Lecturer in Public Health
Dr Robert Jackson Consultant in Psychiatry of Substance Misuse
Dr Richard Lenz Retired Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Shahideh Safavi Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Jonathan Wadsley Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Mrs Sue Jordan Asst Director
Professor Richard Jarrett Retired physician
Mr Robert Joseph Specialist Smoking Cessation Advisor
Dr John Watson Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine
Mr Nathan Davies Project Manager - Public Health
Dr Peter Mayer retired geriatrician
Dr Seamus Murphy Consultant Gastroenterologist
Dr Donald Macaulay retired doctor
Mr Chris Wathen Public Health Specialist
Dr Sam Hilton GP
Dr Andrew Turner Public Health Specialty Registrar
Dr Richard Banks Consultant Physician (Rtd)
Dr Tony Jewell Retired CMO
Dr Alan Ogden Retired consultant.
Dr Allan Leroy Retired family doctor
Dr Sam Love Doctor (FY1)
Mrs Rachel McIlvenna Health Improvement Practitioner
Mrs Jan Wilkins Respiratory Nurse
Dr Dr David Farrow Retired Independent Medical Practitioner
Professor Brian Harrison Retired Consultant Physician
Dr Fiona Crichton Deputy Director, Clinical Educator Programme
Dr Christopher Watkins General Practitioner (retired)
Mrs Fiona Ashton Stop Smoking Service Lead
Dr Paul Anderson Retired Consultant Respiratory Physician
Ms Liz Donaghy Health Improvement Assistant Practitioner
Dr John Griffiths Emergency Department Doctor
Mrs Gillian Benfield Retired Medical Practitioner
Dr Simon Barry consultant physician and lead respiratory clinician for Wales
Dr Richard Motley Consultant Dermatologist
Dr james robertson consultant physician, rheumatology and rehabilitation
Dr Martin Priestley Anaesthetics Registrar
Dr Paul Howden Deputy Chair & Clinical Lead: Planned Care and Long Term Conditions
Dr Sheila Hunt Dr
Dr Alan McCubbin GP
Dr Stephen Thomas Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Richard McGucken Consultant paediatrician (retired).
Dr Patrick Oades Consultant Paediatrician
Dr phil bickley dr
Mrs Christine Gibb Regulatory Performance Officer
Mrs Janet Cummings Workplace Health Coordinator
Dr Ewere Onyekpe Dr
Dr Heather Milburn Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr William Ricketts Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Anne Thomson Retired a Respiratory Paediatrician
Ms Johann Duffy Health Improvement Practitioner
Dr Joanna Brown Respiratory Consultant
Dr Robert Verrecchia Public Health Specialty Registrar
Dr Frances Dryburgh Retired Consultant
Dr Philip Hughes Consultant
Dr Kim Robert Daniels Retired General Medical Practitioner
Dr Malcolm White Doctor CT2a
Mrs Lorraine Crawford Publications & Resources Support Officer
Dr Fiona Mactaggart Consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist
Ms Alice Wiseman Director of Public Health
Dr mary harrington consultant physician
Dr Ellie Hothersall Consultant in Public Health
Dr Donald Lipp Doctor
Dr Pawan Gupta Doctor
Mr Paul Lambert Public Health Specialist
Dr Nigel Hewett Medical Director
Mr John Spearman Consultant Genral Surgeon
Mrs Melanie Abel PN
Mrs Rachael Colclough Physiotherapist
Dr Stephen Thomson Respiratory ST7
Dr Anthony Joseph Independent GP
Dr Martin Blanchard Retired Consultant/Senior Lecturer
Dr Mike Thirlwall Dr
Mrs sue channon Regional Home Oxygen Lead ( ex smoking cessation manager)
Professor Anna Gilmore Professor of Public Health
Mrs Kathryn Swindells Senior respiratory physiotherapist
Dr John White GP
Dr Lance Turtle Academic Clinical Lecturer
Mr Paul Micklethwaite Tobacco Enforcement Officer
Mrs Julie Jackson Pharmacist
Mr Anthony Heywood consultant plastic surgeon
Dr Jane Mueller Retired Consulant Neurologist
Professor John Britton Director, UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies
Dr Jonny Currie GP and Public Health Specialty Registrar
Dr Angshu Bhowmik Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Shaheen Haq General practitioner
Professor Lawrence Ormerod Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Ms Victoria Angulatta Physiotherapy Assistant
Dr Martin Sheppard retired
Dr Thomas Sanctuary Respiratory SpR
Professor Nick Bateman Professor of Clinical Toxicology
Dr Maggie Eisner Retired GP and GP Training Programme Director
Dr Jim Paris Public Health Consultant Retired
Dr Robert Primhak Consultant Paediatric Respiratory Physician (ret)
Dr Victor Logan Retired consultant surgeon
Mr Richard Patterson Research Assistant
Dr Andrew McNutt Dr
Ms Shelley Taylor Young People's Public Health Officer
Dr Annabel Crowe GP
Dr Sally Jones Consultant Respiratory Physician
Professor John Wattis visiting professor of old age psychiatry
Dr Mohammed Jawad PhD Student
Dr Anna Gregory Consultant Paediatrician
Dr Jane Hutton Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Dr Helen Asquith Public Health Specialist
Dr Peter Lawless general practitioner
Dr Andrea Johnson GP Partner
Mr Graeme Nicholas Fernandez Consultant orthopaedic surgeon
Dr Patrick Roberts Consultant Haematologist
Mrs Helen Ryan Respiratory Nurse Specialist
Dr Arthur Boyns retired GP
Dr Rachel Lunney GP
Professor Paul Aveyard Professor of behavioural medicine
Ms Sarah Keer smokefree advisor
Dr David Sword Consultant Physicain
Dr Ruth Trethewey Registrar Sport and Exercise Medicine
Dr Peter Dingle Retired General Practitioner
Dr Susan Brown gp
Professor Jaclyn Smith Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Dr Sarah Williams GP
Dr Martin Samuels Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician
Dr Kathleen Dunn Clinical Oncologist
Dr James King General Practitioner
Dr Alireza Esfandiari Surgeon
Dr Alison Payne GP
Dr simon Taggart Lead Lung Cancer Clinician
Mrs Ciceley Scarborough Public Health Project Manager
Dr Fiona Hamilton Senior Clinical Research Associate
Dr Anne Collett Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
Dr jill van der knaap dr
Dr Kevin Gill Radiologist
Professor Walter Holland Visiting Professor
Dr Pam Wortley Retired GP
Dr Alan Matthews Consultant physician (retired)
Dr Anthony Laverty Research Fellow in Public Health
Dr David Spencer Retired Consultant in Respiratory Paediatrics
Dr Jamie Brown Deputy Director UCL Tobacco & Alcohol Research Group
Mrs Gemma Kelsall Smoking cessation specialist
Dr Dr Anne Davidson Retired general practitioner
Dr Ben Creagh-Brown Consultant
Ms Claire Tiffany Senior Public Health Analyst
Mrs Tess Compton-Price Respiratory Physiology Manager
Dr Diarmuid Kerrin Consultant Paediatrician
Dr Markus Hesseling Consultant Paediatrician
Mr Brendan Donnelly Medical Student
Dr Bhavesh Kataria GP
Dr Malcolm Segall Retired Fellow
Dr Lesley Kay Consultant Rheumatologist
Ms Melissa Canavan Respiratory Nurse Specialist
Dr Robert Etherington Consultant Radiologist
Dr Karen Emslie Senior Dental Officer
Mr Adam Rochester Hospital Practitioner in Sleep & Ventilation
Mr Chris Redgate Office Assistant
Dr Marc Rowland Chair of the London CCG chairs, Lewisham CCG and most inportantly, a GP
Mrs Esther Mitchell Respiratory Physiotherapist
Dr Richard Barraclough Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Anne Coppola General Practitioner
Dr Denis Slyne GP
Dr Chandra Ohri Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Alison Whittaker Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Alison Jackson Lecturer in Primary Care Medicine
Dr Patricia Ainley-Walker Consultant Paediatrician
Dr Matthew Maddocks Lecturer in Health Services Research
Dr Chris Meadows Consultant Intensivist
Ms Stephany Villanueva Senior Public Health Analyst
Dr Clare Middlehurst Smoking Cessation Specialist
Professor Richard Mindham Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry
Dr Bronwen Connolly Consultant Clinical Research Physiotherapist
Professor Wisia Wedzicha Professor
Dr Geoffrey Warwick Consultant Respiratory Physician
Ms Pam Parry Research Nurse
Dr William Toff Associate Professor in Cardiology
Dr John Moore NHS doctor
Mr Toby Bonvoisin Medical student
Dr Charles shee Retired Chest Physician
Dr George Mason GP (recently retired)
Dr Susan Livingstone Assoc Spec Anaesthetics
Dr Simon Gompertz Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
Dr Alexis Gilbert Public Health Specialty Registrar
Mrs Nicola Goodman Senior Respiratory Research Physiologist
Dr Said Abdallah Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Jacqueline spiby doctor
Dr Robert Insall consultant surgeon
Dr George McVeigh Dr
Dr Mary Todd Specialty Doctor
Dr Pat Coleman clinical assistant in Psychiatry
Dr Nigel Beckett Consultant Physician
Dr Bethan Barker ST7 in Respiratory Medicine
Mr Clive Quick Consultant surgeon
Dr Trevor Aughey Retired GP
Professor Andrew Bush Professor of Paediatrics and Paediatric Respirology
Mr John Edwards Consultant Thoracic Surgeon
Dr Anthony Redington Consultant Physician
Dr Paul Carter consultant community paediatrician
Dr Andrew Kitching Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Duncan Powrie Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Albert McNeill Consultant cardiologist, President Irish Cardiac Society
Dr Tom Adams Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Pallav Shah Consultant Physician
Mr Donald Campbell Consultant Neurosurgeon
Dr Susan Leech Consultant Paediatric allergist
Mr Ross Edgar HEE/NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr John Hutchinson SpR Respiratory Medicine
Dr David Hodgson Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
Dr Chris Upton Consultant Paediatrician
Dr Tony Fisher Physician
Dr Joel Bonnet Deputy Director of Public Health
Mrs Sandra Buck Retired
Ms Laura Swanton Physiotherapist
Dr James McDaid Health Improvement Practitioner
Mr James Morecroft Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
Dr Suraj Menon Consultant Radiologist
Mrs Nicola Green COPD CNS
Dr Mark Kirk GPST2
Dr L-J Evans General Practitioner
Dr D Levine Consultant Radoologist
Dr Kenneth MacLeod Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician
Dr Andrew Cummin Consultant Physician
Dr Victoria MacBean Research Associate
Dr David Smith Consultant Chest Physician
Dr Kim Blackwell Speciality Registrar in Community Paediatrics
Dr Milen Shah GP Principal
Dr Joerg Steier Consultant Physician
Dr Neil Greening Clinical Lecturer
Mrs Victoria Lord Lead of IRT
Dr Mark Dayer Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Emma Holden Consultant
Dr benjamin prudon respiratory consultant
Dr Matthew Hind Consultant Physician
Dr Jenefer Sargent Consultant Paediatrician
Mr Jeremy Player Public Health Officer
Miss Lilla Cseke Business Support Officer
Mrs Deborah van Blommestein Stop Smoking Adviser
Mrs Claire Harrison Stop Smoking Specialist
Mr Sewa Singh Medical Director
Mrs Vikki Couchman Supporting Healthy Weight Advisor
Mr Roger Mapleson Trading Standards Team Leader
Mr Abubacker Buhary Engagement Manager
Dr Edward Coles Public Health Physician
Dr Callum Harmer Doctor
Dr Peter McDowall GP
Mrs Magdalena Przybyla Specialist stop smoking advisor
Dr William R H Brown Doctor/GP
Dr Keith Allan Specialty Registrar in Public Health
Mrs Sue Wild Lead Commissioner Health Improvement
Dr Andrew Molyneux Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Hayley Mainman Doctor
Dr Julia Wallond Locum GP
Mrs Kirsty Heathcote Registered Practice Nurse
Dr Jane Bray Consultant Public Health Medicine
Dr Genevieve Southgate Junior Doctor
Dr Ruth Taylor GP
Mrs Judith Rees Stop smoking advisor/Pregnancy
Dr Rosemary Lethem Retired Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Sonia Allam Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Mike Florin GP
Ms Laura Graham Respiratory Physiotherapist
Mrs Krystina Dewhurst Respiratory Nurse Specialist
Mr Trevor Parkin Public Health Development Manager
Ms Sarah Berwick Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist
Mrs Jan Turner-Wilson Respiratory and Home Oxygen Specialist Nurse
Dr Richard Harper GP
Dr Edward Rainbow GP
Ms Leanne Marshall Registered nurse
Dr Adele Humphrey Consultant Community Paediatrician
Mrs Keeley Wilkinson Associate respiratory practitioner
Ms Natalia Clifford Consultant in Public Health
Ms Joanna Feeney Stop Smoking Service Lead
Dr Jane Kirkby Highly Specialist Respiratory Physiologist
Dr Shaheen Haq GP
Mrs Linda Robinson Stop Smoking Service Team Lead
Ms Margaret Duffy Registered Nurse
Ms Siobhan Harrington Director of Strategy /Deputy CEO
Dr Rebecca Cooper Public Health Consultant
Mrs Jacqueline Riedel Stop smoking specialist Advisor
Mrs Carolynn Lorimer Paediatric respiratory nurse
Mrs Carrie Fogg Stop Smoking Service Manager
Dr Alyson Hall Yandoli Hon Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Ms Tracey brown dispensing assistant
Dr Derek Lockstone GP
Mrs Aisha Jallow PhD Student
Dr Philip Matthews Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Mary seed Hon Consultant Physician
Dr Anna Moore Registrar in respiratory medicine
Dr Niall Grant General Practice Specialty Registrar Year 1
Mr Paul Saunders Clinical Support Worker Smoking Cessation Advisor - NHS Acute Mental Health Assessment Ward
Dr James McMillan Consultant Dermatologist
Dr Kate Ashley Retired GP
Ms Clementine Djatmika Stop smoking specialist
Dr Catherine Houghton Consultant Respiratory Physician
Dr Maria Drakou Salaried GP
Dr Amanda Neville GP
Mr Deben Harris Senior Respiratory Physiologist

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03 January 2017
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