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The Brexit broadcast that stoked fears over the NHS’s future

BMJ 2016; 354 doi: (Published 05 August 2016) Cite this as: BMJ 2016;354:i4342

Re: The Brexit broadcast that stoked fears over the NHS’s future

The scale of barefaced lying is staggering and the crooks behind it must be brought to justice, so let us hope Eskander is right. It will be some mitigation for them if Brexit does not take place, since their crime will be without consequence.

Of course no responsible government could go ahead with Brexit anyway when these facts are brought to light. A vote influenced by false information has no moral authority and a Brexit decision cannot be based on it. For Theresa May to ignore this would be like the captain of an airliner continuing with a scheduled flight after being informed that his altimeter was faulty, and taking 64 million passengers into the air. A recipe for certain disaster.

I am pleased that the BMJ continues to take an ethical stance in airing these issues, and I hope their resolve will not weaken. Brexit is a disease threatening to damage the country, the NHS, and medical research. The BMJ was instrumental in nailing the MMR scandal, which has close similarities to the referendum debacle. MMR was bad enough but Brexit is many times worse.

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13 August 2016
John R. King
Retired psychiatrist
Redditch, Worcestershire