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Many people receive suboptimal care after myocardial infarction, research shows

BMJ 2016; 353 doi: (Published 11 May 2016) Cite this as: BMJ 2016;353:i2655

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Re: Many people receive suboptimal care. Addendum to my response of 21 May.

I had to see and experience a "Minor injury and out of hours GP" clinic. Serves a large city and some small towns and villages nearby. A Sunday morning.

There were a dozen children, adults of various ages and dsabilities. An old gentleman had a disabled lady holding on to him.

The staff were courteous and busy.

I learnt that although pus was taken out for culture and sensitivity, the specimen would not be sent to the bacteriology laboratory till Monday.

Two points arise.

Does a large hospital serving the district not provide bacteriology services on weekends?

If it does not, does this not increase morbidity and mortality?

Why do the Commissioners not provide a service for the children, staffed by paediatric doctors and paediatric nurses?

I ask: do the local members of parliament conduct unannounced visits to the local health facilities? I mean general practices, clinics, hospitals?
If not, why not?

I ask: does the local director of public health visit such facilities, unannounced? Or, does he/she just look at at statistical print outs. Are the bipeds in his parish ever considered as people? Or, just numbers?

Competing interests: Elderly patient.

22 May 2016
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