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Migraine and risk of cardiovascular disease in women: prospective cohort study

BMJ 2016; 353 doi: (Published 31 May 2016) Cite this as: BMJ 2016;353:i2610

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Migraine : some additional associated factors that might be aggravating cardiovascular disease

Dear Editor,

This is indeed a very large study that establishes and highlights the association of migraine with some cardiovascular diseases in the affected individuals. This will have a deep impact in the management. Kindly allow us to congratulate the authors for such a nice and painstaking research . Perhaps from hereon we'll be more concerned about migraine than what we usually are.

Having said that, and with the experience that we have, and after our innovative 'Dhamna Technique' for managing migraine, we would like to suggest a few points which we presume should be pointers to cardiovascular problems linked to migraine. We feel that besides other issues, as probable risk factors for cardiovascular disease, these points must also be assessed and looked into :

(1) Continued and prolonged stress

(b) Prolonged uncongenial circumstances.

(c) Lifestyle

(d) Diet & medications (including medication for migraine)

(e) Oestrogen predominance over prolonged periods; and finally the

(f) Genetic predisposition

Best regards.

Competing interests: 1. The views expressed are in the personal capacity of the authors, and have no bearing to the affiliations. 2. We had come up with an innovative non-invasive medical technique (DHAMNA TECHNIQUE) for managing migraine, and this technique can decrease the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks, and also the requirement of medicines for migraine relief. No trials or peer review studies have been done so far on our innovative and novel technique, which we strongly feel needs to be done as this has the potentials to help ameliorating the sufferings of millions across the globe. Much more research and finesse is definitely required, for which we again hereby appeal to the world's fraternity of scientists and health professionals to pick up from here on. We have done whatever we could from our own resources that came from a humble pension of the prime author, and with no help, support or encouragement from any national or international source. 3. Our innovative technique [DHAMNA TECHNIQUE] was presented at an international medical conference [] and [] . 4. This 'DHAMNA TECHNIQUE' for managing migraine forms one of the chapter of our book that was written on the request of a foreign publisher in 2014 [ Chauhan R, Chauhan S, Parihar AKS. 'Dhamna Technique' for managing migraine. In: Innovative Medical Techniques Showcased at International Conferences. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2014-10-17). ISBN 13: 978-3-659-62328-8; ISBN 10: 3659623288. Pp 53 - 58

02 June 2016
Dr (Lieutenant Colonel) Rajesh Chauhan
Consultant Family Medicine & Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Shruti Chauhan; Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh Parihar.
Honorary National Professor IMA CGP, INDIA
Family Healthcare Centre, 154 Sector 6 - B (HIG), Avas Vikas Colony Sikandra, AGRA -282007. INDIA.