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Complications of rhinosinusitis

BMJ 2016; 352 doi: (Published 26 February 2016) Cite this as: BMJ 2016;352:i795

Nasal Hygiene

Your nose accumulates mucus, dust, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. So your nose is an ideal environment for germs and sickness. It's important to clean your nose daily. The only effective way to clean your nose is nasal irrigation. Here's the technique: Buy a package of 3-ounce disposable cups (not a neti pot, because it breeds germs) and a salt shaker with a snap lid. Put two or three small shakes of salt in the cup, fill the cup with warm water, and stir with your finger. Too much or too little salt in the water will burn your nose. Bend over the bathroom sink, put your nose in the cup, and sniff. Don't be afraid of drowning. If the water gets in your mouth, you can just spit it out. Then blow your nose forcefully several times. Make sure you get all the water out of your nose. You'll be amazed at what comes out of your nose, and at how much better you feel.

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26 February 2016
Hugh Mann
New York, NY, USA