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Zika virus is a global public health emergency, declares WHO

BMJ 2016; 352 doi: (Published 02 February 2016) Cite this as: BMJ 2016;352:i657

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An escalating flight of zika virus: from sporadic outbreak to a global health emergency.

Zika virus seems to have pounced on human beings after its sporadic outbreak a decade ago, but this time it has turned out be nasty, causing furore all over the world. The World Health Organization has failed to implement its principle of primary prevention. Global warming and increased immigration are a part of this sporadic outbreak. Rapid urbanization, unmonitored construction sites, blind approval of projects having a negative impact on our mother nature are some of the major contributing factors for mosquitos to breed and flourish. There is an absolute need to educate people on a global scale and put the emphasis on cleanliness if one is to curb this outbreak once and for all.

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08 February 2016
sameep s shetty
maxillofacial surgeon