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Zika virus is a global public health emergency, declares WHO

BMJ 2016; 352 doi: (Published 02 February 2016) Cite this as: BMJ 2016;352:i657

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Re: Zika virus is a global public health emergency, declares WHO

I concur with Dr Anand's tongue-in-cheek serious comments.

Not so long ago, WHO also declared a deadly flu pandemic, or two, or three or four and nothing happened. Nothing if we don’t count the so-short-of-money-for important- needs-Australian-government wasting some 400 million dollars for a soon going, and now out of date, Tamiflu.

Etc etc etc.

Now it is the Zika virus that conveniently re-appeared after i's 70-year absence .

TV chanels are ad nauseam showing the military troups and men in isolation overalls spraying houses, rubbish bins, water containers, streets and even people, who have the misfortune to happen to be there, with toxic potions in a grotesk and totally futile effort to ’eradicate’ Anopheles mosquitoes. [On a more personal level. if there is just one mosquitoe in my bedroom, I assure you it will find its way to have a sip of my blood.] Those who sent them there should perhaps give a thought to the obvious fact that people have lived with malaria, dengue fever etc. etc etc carrying mosquitoes for millenia and survived. Australian rabbits developed solid immunity to myxomatosis sprays and continued multiplying like rabbits. [By the way, their numbers can be greatly limited if women started wearing rabbit furs.]

Perhaps the tooth fairy stories are true after all. Or, didn’t by any chance Einstein also say that the Universe and human stupidity are limitless?

Yes, where is Hercule Poirot to remind people to use their gray cells at least occasionally?

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07 February 2016
Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD)
scientist/author retired
Blackheath NSW Australia