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Sugar tax and screening: listen to the evidence

BMJ 2016; 352 doi: (Published 07 January 2016) Cite this as: BMJ 2016;352:i33

Beware of Sugar and Honey

Honey and sugar are addictive sweets that trick and trap us by creating the fleeting euphoria of sweetness and peace, but the sustained sickness of bitterness and anger. The euphoria of sweetness and peace, and the sickness of bitterness and anger, are opposites that reinforce each other: the euphoria blinds us to the sickness, and the sickness makes us crave the euphoria. Perversely but predictably, honey and sugar create, aggravate, and perpetuate the very sickness of bitterness and anger that they falsely seem to cure, thus placing many favorite sweets in a bad light. 

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08 January 2016
Hugh Mann
New York, NY, USA