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Ibuprofen versus fosfomycin for uncomplicated urinary tract infection in women: randomised controlled trial

BMJ 2015; 351 doi: (Published 23 December 2015) Cite this as: BMJ 2015;351:h6544

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Ibuprofen for uncomplicated urinary tract infection in women, which is a self-limiting disease, is totally justified

Since uncomplicated UTI is a self -limiting disease like most of diarrheal or upper respiratory infection, it is okay to give symptomatic treatment with ibuprofen in order to stop irrational use of antibiotics and hence avoid antibiotic resistance from developing. So we disagree with Dr. Rajiv Kumar from Chandigarh, India who asks:

"Is it rational to compare analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen with antibiotics like fosfomycin, because relief of symptoms and cure of infection are different aspects of treatment".

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05 January 2016
Neeru Gupta
Scientist F
Jugal Kishore, Neeta Kumar and KK Jani
Indian Council of Medical Research
Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029.