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Secondhand smoke and incidence of dental caries in deciduous teeth among children in Japan: population based retrospective cohort study

BMJ 2015; 351 doi: (Published 06 November 2015) Cite this as: BMJ 2015;351:h6009

In this Research paper (BMJ 2015;351:h5397, doi:10.1136/bmj.h5397), reference numbers 5, 6, and 7 were mixed up with each other and therefore correspond to the wrong publication. Here is the correct order:

05. Selwitz RH, Ismail AI, Pitts NB. Dental caries. Lancet 2007;369:51-9.

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07. Du MQ, Tai BJ, Jiang H, Lo EC, Fan MW, Bian Z. A two-year randomized clinical trial of chlorhexidine varnish on dental caries in Chinese preschool children. J Dent Res 2006;85:557-9.


Cite this as: BMJ 2015;351:h6009

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