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The scientific report guiding the US dietary guidelines: is it scientific?

BMJ 2015; 351 doi: (Published 23 September 2015) Cite this as: BMJ 2015;351:h4962

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Re: The scientific report guiding the US dietary guidelines: is it scientific?

We must feed ourselves according to maximum economy principle – but not the disorder – in our every cells. The maximum economy principle can be found in the composition of human milk, which is an evolutionary perfect food for babies (from every viewpoint). Naturally, the composition of the human milk is the perfect guide for adult nutrition (sodium/potassium ratio, ratio between sum of alkaline metals and sum of polyvalent metals, ratio between metals and energy content, etc.). The unnecessary sodium salts increase the incidence of every illnesses without any exception!
The evidences: In the scientific literature & media the salt has political- & a lot of pseudoscience but real science of salt we can find only in traces because it’s really CENSORED globally. It’s time to understand, teach & use some very important but forgotten & ignored knowledge; fundamental natural laws/facts & to see the sad reality. The spontaneous diffusion of Na ions into the cells & the diffusion of K ions out of the cells continuously enhance the entropy (disorder). The task of the Na/K pumps to keep constant the intracellular concentration of Na & K ions. These cellular pumps continuously use energy (ATP). Excess Na intake = excess diffusion = excess increase of entropy = excess work for pumps = excess energy expenditure against excess entropy > excess food consumption. But all the rest of our vital processes (functional processes of the cells) receive less energy because our capacity (to make energy from foods) is limited (Kleiber's law). Everything work worse in our body & this increases the incidence of all illnesses without any exception, our aging & devolution accelerate etc., this is why Na-salts are perfect foods of entropy. 10th ed. of RDA was the best recommendation ever, 500 mg/day Na! Sugars & fats are foods & are sources of energy. But entropy & Na intakes = five decades global censorship, corruption, pseudoscience & lack of real science. Excess Na intake significantly enhances the excess diffusion (excess entropy) because the surface (billions) of cells is extreme large, this is the main risk factor of diabetes 1-2, overweight, NCDs etc. & our devolution is a considerable fact too. The law of entropy is the fiercest enemy of life & is our fiercest enemy too. NaCl isn’t food for humans but is perfect food of entropy. Every mmol excess Na & the wrong Na/K ratio & other wrong ratios increase more the entropy in our every cell, but the specialists talk about these rarely or NEVER. Excess Na intake doesn’t increase the oxidative pathway, but a critical surplus switches the anaerobic glycolysis on, in our every cell & we produce cytotoxic lactic acid. This is the Sodium-Induced Cellular Anaerobic Glycolysis (Osaka et al. 2001., but the article was censored). All of our vital processes & organs work worse (heart, brain, regulating systems, immune system etc.) & our cells are dying. We haven’t enough energy & enough time for the regeneration because we enhance the entropy in our every cell, day by day, again & again. The average lifetime of our cells shortens. Faster the telomeres run out. Our aging accelerates. We get sick often & we will die soon. Logical consequence: the unnecessary salt increases the incidence of all illnesses without any exception! This is the no named Sodium-Induced Disorder Syndrome. The entropy law finds our weak point or points & ravages mainly there, but increases the disorder in every cell in our body. We are no uniform, so other risk factors & circumstances affect the individual consequences. The growing entropy is our number one public enemy on every level; physical & mental health & social level globally. The evolution of life on Earth, our history & our entire individual life is a continuous war against entropy. But we, humans started our devolution = the entropy is growing in human genome. Even we nourish the entropy in our every cell (fundamentals of our existence) but the health scientists don’t talk & write about this. This is really a fatal error. Non-communicable knowledge is too much in salt science, it’s time to change that, because we will die out within 250 years!
“The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in 1978 petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to revoke the generally recognized as safe status and limit salt, … It is unfortunate that government health authorities have not shown the will to act.” Source:
But the CSPI is weak, because they don’t use the already existing knowledge. This is awesome guilty irresponsibility &/or astonishing ignorance. Optimal ratios & quantities are in human milk. From every viewpoint the human milk is an evolutionary perfect food, including minimal energy expenditure of the Na/K pump & kidney of babies = possible minimum „entropy-transfer” into babies = healthy growing with maximal economy. So, the human milk is perfect guide to calculate optimal adult intakes. But the scientists ignore these facts. The health sciences made experimental animals from the humanity. The entropy is nourished in us with Na-salts, but they don’t talk & write about this. They are treating only the symptoms & consequences of the Sodium-Induced Disorder. Without real salt science – evidence based medicine & really preventive medicine doesn’t exist. Sodium recommendation is bad, education is astonishingly bad, the strategy against obesity, NCDs etc. is bad. True science of salt exists only in traces in the scientific literature, & in some articles even the traces are concealed & censored. In my article on science20 I collected the most important evidences (near 70 references) of the above ones:

And read my comment to 2015 Dietary Guidelines (Submitted 03/11/2015):

and this:

Some references of the ignored and censored real (and not political and not pseudo!) science of salt:

Klahr and Bricker: Energetics of Anaerobic Sodium Transport by the Fresh Water Turtle Bladder. J Gen Physiol. 1965 March 1; 48(4): 571-80

De Luise et al.: Reduced activity of the red-cell sodium-potassium pump in human obesity.
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DOI: 10.1056/NEJM198010303031801

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Abstract: From information referring to metal requirements of the human organism as well as metal contents of human and cow`s milk and cereal grains it was concluded that an Equivalency Law exists in the metal balance of the living organisms. According to this law the alkali metal requirement (mainly potassium and sodium) is chemically equivalent with that of polyvalent metals (namely calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron etc.). Theoretical considerations are given for proving the existence of the Equivalency Law.
Very important note: This equivalency law is a perfect example of the maximum economy principle in biology (but it's ignored).

Osaka et al.: Thermogenesis induced by osmotic stimulation of the intestines in the rat. J Physiol. 2001 April 1; 532(Pt 1): 261–269.
(Note: This is very valuable work, but was censored.)

Yamawaki et al.:
Macronutrient, mineral and trace element composition of breast milk from Japanese women.
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Sodium chloride drives autoimmune disease by the induction of pathogenic TH17 cells
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Published online 06 March 2013

And read this:
Gary Taubes: The (Political) Science of Salt, Science 14 August 1998: Vol. 281 no. 5379 pp. 898-907

But Taubes did not find the real nutrition science under 16 years:
Why Nutrition Is So Confusing. By Gary Taubes Feb. 8, 2014

From this: "Meanwhile, the research literature on obesity has also ballooned. In 1960, fewer than 1,100 articles were published on obesity or diabetes in the indexed medical literature. Last year it was more than 44,000. In total, over 600,000 articles have been published purporting to convey some meaningful information on these conditions.
It would be nice to think that this deluge of research has brought clarity to the issue. The trend data argue otherwise. ... Everyone has a theory. The evidence doesn’t exist to say unequivocally who’s wrong."

But this is ignorant stupidity. Don't need theory. Stone-hard evidence exist, but it's ignored and censored globally. The resurrection of the real science of salt will be a fantastic historical moment for the prevention of every diseases. But without resurrection - the carnival is over.

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25 September 2015
Zoltan Sandor
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