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Endgames Case Review

A patient request for some “deprescribing”

BMJ 2015; 351 doi: (Published 03 August 2015) Cite this as: BMJ 2015;351:h4023

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Re: A patient request for some “deprescribing”

I am an elite outrigger canoe paddler and Type 1 of 19 years. I have been quite successful over the years with multiple World Titles and WR's. During my years training and racing there was always the worry of hypos and not only effecting performance but also endangering life. I had tiredness and hunger constantly.

I then met RD Dikeman one day in the gym in Hawaii, both doing our own spin workouts. Discussions of T1 and low carb eating followed with me taking some months to get my head around it and how it could work with my very active life.

Starting in October 2014 in between major comps I started my LCHF lifestyle and have had the best months of my diabetic life. No hunger, great energy, good recovery, level BGL, and performance is fantastic.
I just wonder what i could have achieved if I had this WOE in the early diabetic days.

I get sad and frustrated to still see high carb diets being recommended to diabetics, my treating team are using me as a learning tool for them to help others gain better control of their condition and I hope that my example filters out to more T1s and even T2s to help improve their quality of life and decrease complications and the stress on the health system.

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02 September 2015
Robyn Breame (Saultry)
Fitness Specialist/Athlete
Brisbane, Australia