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BMJ 2014; 349 doi: (Published 30 October 2014) Cite this as: BMJ 2014;349:g6515

Toxic Craving Cycle

Healthcare is hell. The more we get, the worse we feel. Sadly, doctors don’t know that trusted toxins and addictions are actually common, covert causes of sickness. As a result, healthcare is a vicious cycle of toxins, addictions, and sickness, in which doctors overlook the toxic, addictive causes of sickness, and then prescribe toxic, addictive drugs. I call this pervasive vicious cycle the “Toxic Craving Cycle”, because craving reflects addiction. Sadly, healthcare makes us sick, by burying us under layers of trusted toxins and addictions, like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sweets, chocolate, cola, marijuana, medicine, and silver fillings. To quote GB Shaw, "Science never solves one problem without creating ten more."

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03 November 2014
Hugh Mann
New York, USA