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Why the Assisted Dying Bill should become law in England and Wales

BMJ 2014; 349 doi: (Published 02 July 2014) Cite this as: BMJ 2014;349:g4349

Death doesn't need assistants, Life does

Dear colleagues,

Suicide is a horrible end, an end that nobody actually wants for his or her life. Medicine is to help us to carry on with a disease. But Medicine cannot bring happiness, joy and peace to our life. This work is for Wisdom. Always it was. If we trust in Medicine for all our needs, including spiritual ones, Medicine fails.

To assist death is not a wise election. It is not Medicine. It is a horrible mistake that sends a message for all humans in pain: give up, Life - your life - doesn't have a meaning.

Assisted suicide (distanasia) is the extreme of a counterculture that trusts in technology and has lost Wisdom. This is not the way for a more humanistic Medicine, but another step down to the suicide of Medicine. Does BMJ believe in Medicine? Actually?

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14 November 2014
Emilio J Alegre-del Rey
Hospital Universitario de Puerto Real
Cádiz, Spain