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Population ageing: the timebomb that isn’t?

BMJ 2013; 347 doi: (Published 12 November 2013) Cite this as: BMJ 2013;347:f6598

Re: Population ageing: the timebomb that isn’t?

I believe that the article published by Spijker and MacInnes discuss an important topic, impactful, of real interest to our current society. It is a coherent and objective assessment of current business and important knowledge for the medical class and all segments of society interested in the future of society itself.

In developing countries, as several in Latin America, the ageing population is a fact that has been observed over the past three decades. Brazil, for example, is no longer a country of young people. In this case, we can observe that at the same time as the influence of young people taking their place in society grows so does the number of elderly people who feel excluded because they have difficulty in adapting to a more modern society--competitive and dynamic, different from that of the past.

This new context leads us to question and identify a number of factors that will have an impact in the near future. The fact is that all these questions have a deep relation with the ethical, moral and political aspects of our society. Therefore, urgent measures that are impactful are needed so that the young people of today become the elderly active and healthy people of the future.

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15 November 2013
Vanderson C Neri
Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro
R. Mariz e Barros 775 Rio de Janeiro