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BMJ 2013; 347 doi: (Published 17 September 2013) Cite this as: BMJ 2013;347:f5535

Not red flags but red carpet treatment for vaccination guidelines

Vaccination Committees have red flags waving and 'panel stacking' ensures that the experts follow the ideological party line: vaccines are good, don't ask critical questions, ignore 'antivaxers'.

Even investigative journalists and editors of medical journals like to ignore that with reference to vaccines, it's a red carpet for the vaccine industry and ideology.

A Twitter search for 'vaccine' shows how the vaccine industry influences the WHO, Unicef and UN, for example "UN Foundation RT @ShotatLife: Amanda Peet urges you to get your flu shot @Walgreens and help a child in need." #giveashot"

Credit goes to the Gates Foundation, there the realisation has arrived that poverty, malnutrition and hygiene are of pivotal importance to children's health, but the Gates Foundation is an inroad for the vaccine industry too. Orin Levine ‏@OrinLevine 26 Sep Good read "@robertbruce76: "Anti-vaxers are loud. The rest of us need to be loud too....." …"

High impact medical journals are too scared to rock the boat . Virtually nobody stimulates research into 'non-specific' side effects of vaccines.
Basic research on 'non-specific' side effects of vaccines is not routinely done by those responsible for public health and certainly not on harm.

'Public Health' remains an impersonal entity which, apart from red flags, raises the suspicion of having a culture like the financial business world.

In the GP surgery there is no active Yellow Card promotion. and when effects occur more than a few days after vaccination, doctors and nurses won't make the connection anyway.

This lack of vigilance, particularly by Public Health and WHO, would be unacceptable in any other area of medicine, but condoned in the area of vaccination because infants and children don't have a voice and parents and staff are not given a choice.

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28 September 2013
Wouter Havinga
GP locum
Little PIckwick