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Promoting cosmetic surgery

BMJ 2012; 345 doi: (Published 08 November 2012) Cite this as: BMJ 2012;345:e7535

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Re: Promoting cosmetic surgery

First thanks to editor Fiona Godlee for highlighting the growing trend of cosmetic gynecologic surgery. And second, as a member of the International Association of Women Doctors (MWIA) and especially for women, it is important that women and girls know that it is not acceptable to make them feel that they need surgery because their lips do not look the same as the next person. Such trend may have significant risks.

Therefore the Latinoamerica MWIA opposes the promotion of such techniques.

And as Dr. Shelley Ross says, it is important that women's physicians talk and end this practice.

Dr. Mercedes Viteri, Vice president, Latinoamerica MWIA

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15 November 2012
Mercedes Viteri