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Collaboration with drug industry won’t affect clinical decisions, says new guide

BMJ 2012; 344 doi: (Published 02 April 2012) Cite this as: BMJ 2012;344:e2489

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Re: Collaboration with drug industry won’t affect clinical decisions, says new guide

I agree with Cattaneo et al [1]. In 2005 Fiona Godlee responded to the seminal House of Commons Health Committee report on the influence of the pharmaceutical industry [2,3]:

"The power of drug companies to buy influence over every key group in health care—doctors, charities, patient groups, journalists, politicians—has clearly shocked a UK parliamentary committee...It should shock us all. Can we console ourselves that companies' lavish spending on research and marketing, which far outstrips spending on independent research and drug information, leads to truly innovative treatments? No, says the committee's report. Can we rely on regulatory bodies to keep the industry in check? No, again."

And yet today there is not so much at the bat of an eyelid from BMJ over BMA's endorsement of this remarkable new document. What we seem to have is complete and utter capitulation before the industry, and a new won naievety about their intent.

Meanwhile, I note that Dr Cattaneo writes on behalf of the Italian equivalent of No Free Lunch [1] and there has been no statement weeks on from the British body. Its spokesman, Des Spence [4], has been a weekly BMJ columnist now for more than five years. And if you go to their news page it tells you to look at BMJ [5]. The dog has steadfastly not barked.

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23 April 2012
John Stone
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