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Letters Field of play resuscitation

Do not move player requiring resuscitation on field until return of spontaneous circulation

BMJ 2012; 344 doi: (Published 02 April 2012) Cite this as: BMJ 2012;344:e2448

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Re: Do not move player requiring resuscitation on field until return of spontaneous circulation

Lyon and Wiggings very successful in the letter focused on key aspects of the protocol in cases where CPR is needed. But we have to clarify some aspects. Cardiovascular problems that may end with a sudden death in athletes can be prevented with screening protocol which includes an ECG(1). This type of problem is not unique to elite athletes but in a sporting event may be affected amateur(2) athletes and spectators(3). It is therefore necessary basic training and updating of de coaches, physical education teachers..., so they cam act quickly(4), and know how to properly use the equipment for which there is no interruption in CPR before arrival of ambulances. During this action should be taken measures to protects patients and physicians from legal liability(5), and that both patient and physician have enough privacy, using a box in the field, similar to those used in the locker room tunnel. To make the right decisions for action is necessary to review how manage a CPR studying the cases ocurred(6), and finally determine a protocol that is widely reported.
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16 April 2012
Andres B. Fernandez-Revelles
Departmen Physical Education and Sport; Faculty of Sport Science; University of Granada; Spain
Caretera de Alfacar s/n 18011; Granada