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We should publish the cost of each piece of research

BMJ 2011; 343 doi: (Published 15 July 2011) Cite this as: BMJ 2011;343:d4523

We introduced a couple of errors when editing this recent Personal View by Penny Hawe (BMJ 2011;342:d4026 doi:10.1136/bmj.d4026). The final sentence in the fourth paragraph should end, “...this allows the perpetuation of myths about what an appropriate allocation for research is” [not “what an appropriate allocation for evaluation of research is”]. And the first sentence in the final paragraph should start, “It’s just my guess that 10% of the total funds for a programme or policy reserved for evaluation [not “reserved to evaluate research”] is not enough.”


Cite this as: BMJ 2011;343:d4523

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