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Six months of exclusive breast feeding: how good is the evidence?

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Re: Six months of exclusive breast feeding: how good is the evidence?

Sudden Unexpected Postnatal Collapse is a condition in which a previously vigorous, spontaneously breathing infant who had a five-minute Apgar of 8 or more, unexpectedly becomes apneic, often necessitating full resuscitation(1). Sudden collapse has also been defined as acute cyanosis/pallor and unconsciousness, requiring bagging, intubation and/or cardiac compressions and has been found to commonly occur with breastfeeding of the newborn(1).
Estimated incidence of the SUPC of a presumably healthy infant after birth differs widely, ranging from 2.6 cases to 133 cases/100,000(2).
SUPC in apparent healthy babies is associated with initial, unsupervised breastfeeding, prone position, primiparity and distractions. Guidelines outlining the appropriate monitoring of newborns and safe early skin-to-skin contact should be implemented(3). The assessment tool is called the Respiratory, Activity, Perfusion, and Position tool (RAPP. The Medscape emphasizes need to monitor RAPP(1).

Components of a safe positioning checklist should include the following (1):

Mother or provider of SSC is in reclining position, not flat

Infant's back is covered and hair is dry

Infant is well-flexed on provider's chest

Infant's shoulders are flat against provider's chest

Infant is chest-to-chest with provider, not over a breast

Infant's head is turned to one side

Infant's face can be seen

Infant's nose and mouth are visible and uncovered
Infant's neck is straight, not bent



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