Breaking the mould in patient safety

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Re: Breaking the mould in patient safety

I agree with Prof Kapur. In addition, may I plead that the current practice of dispensing with the middle name or names be replaced by the older fashion of forty years ago, when people were described, and described themselves, in official and health records as Mr, Miss or Mrs AND with the middle name or middle initial.

WHY, you ask. Some of us have the same first name as our son, or daughter. Secondly, although uncommon, there are, say, Joginder Kumar Anand and Joginder Kaur Anand (the Kaur is indicative of female sex). I have also seen, in medical records, a Suleyman Bibi, where the poor mother had been asked for her surname, she duly said "Bibi", neither she nor the nurse realised that "Bibi" merely denoted her second name, meaning "good lady" and the SON, Suleyman, was therefore turned in to Suleyman Bibi.

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10 April 2012
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