Intermittent claudication

BMJ 2007; 334 doi: (Published 19 April 2007) Cite this as: BMJ 2007;334:0-b

Several errors crept into this 10-minute consultation by Roger W Simon and colleagues as a result of an editing omission and some electronic problems (BMJ 2007;334:746, 7 Apr, doi: 10.1136/bmj.39036.624306.68). Firstly, in the second paragraph we should have said, “Pain occurring before 200 m reflects Fontaine stage IIb [not Ia] peripheral arterial disease.” Secondly, when we posted the authors' web figure on, two arrows became corrupted and were not visible: in the second row of boxes, the final text of the two right hand boxes should have included an arrow between “necessary” and “referral” (this has now been corrected). Thirdly, although the first name of the second author, André Simon-Schulthess, was correctly spelt in the printed journal, his first name was misspelt on Finally, we got the addresses wrong for André Simon-Schulthess and the third author (Beatrice R Amann-Vesti) both in print and in the pdf (although they are correct in the full text version on Their addresses are, respectively, Eisfeldstrasse 22, CH-8050 Zurich, and Angiology Division, Department of Internal Medicine, University Hospital Zürich, CH-8091 Zurich.

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